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We have developed a unique form of color and packaging for our products. To provide greater efficiency, quality, value and convenience for the decorator we created Soft Gel Paste, a pourable, highly concentrated gel, breaking with the industry standard of a hard paste in a jar. We purposefully chose a bottle that looked different from anything else on the market—a squeezable bottle with a flip-top cap. This allows color to be dispensed in individual drops for clean and easy to repeat control from one application to the next. These highly concentrated soft gel food colors are formulated with the necessary die concentration levels needed to achieve the most vibrant and brilliant shades. Soft Gel Paste colors have a viscosity that offers the convenience of a pour-able gel, making it easier to measure amounts or duplicate shades. Only a small amount is needed to tint icing, fondant, marzipan, gum paste, or dough without affecting the consistency, and it will not break down buttercream or non-dairy icings like liquid colors. Product made in the United States.
Amazing Color Strength
Simply Add the Required Amount For The Desired Shade
Color: Navy Blue
Package Dimensions : 2.54 L x 6.985 H x 2.54 W (centimeters)

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