Mangrove Swamps in Minecraft are abundant with natural resources and offer an ideal setting for builders drawn to the biome’s mystique and charm. Selecting the optimal seed is crucial to enhancing your exploration and survival experience. The finest seed should provide diverse structures, biomes, and loot, ensuring access to essential resources close to your Spawn Point.



For those who want to build within the Mangrove Swamp, you will gain access to several block types in your immediate surroundings. Essentials such as the blocks usually available from cutting down trees generally include Sticks, Mangrove Logs (which can be crafted into Mangrove Planks), Mangrove Leaves, and Vines, harvested with Shears alongside the Mangrove Propagule, mirroring a sapling’s role. Home to frogs and bees, Mangrove Swamps buzz with life, giving your base more vibrancy and energy.


10 Best Seeds For Minecraft 1.20

To experience everything new Minecraft 1.20 has to offer, you can use custom seeds to generate worlds with stunning views and lots of resources.

10 Mangrove Swamp And Nether Portal

Seed: 562949953421456

Spawn point in a Mangrove Swamp, with an incomplete Nether Portal.

Within this seed, players spawn in a Mangrove Swamp reminiscent of an enchanted fairy tale. Starting near a Ruined Portal is highly beneficial, offering a return to Spawn upon death in The Nether. This is especially useful if you plan to build your base at Spawn Point. To venture into The Nether, repair the portal with some extra Obsidian found by mixing water with lava. Beside the incomplete portal awaits a chest of hidden treasures, with a gold block atop. A beach adjacent to the swamp promisesburied treasure at (X:41, Y:63, Z:169).

9 Mangrove Swamp And Lush Cave


Lush Cave below Mangrove Swamp spawn point in Minecraft.

Also containing a Ruined Portal at Spawn, this seed is evermore useful with the availability of Lush Caves underground (X:-468, Y:-17, Z:186). Adventurers can harvest a bounty of materials within these caves, including Moss, Glow Berries, Azalea and Flowering Azalea, Drip Leaf plants, and Spore Blossoms.

Playful Axolotls spawned in blue and other colors can be spotted swimming through the cave’s water pockets, which can be captured using a water bucket. These materials are perfect for farming above ground, where Lush Cave flora can beautifully complement the Mangrove Swamp, giving your base a vibrant atmosphere.

Azalea and Flowering Azalea transform into full-grown trees with Bonemeal and require planting on a Moss block.

8 Mangrove Swamp And Jungle Biome With Trail Ruin

Seed: 89509042606989084

This seed offers an ideal Spawn Point, with the player starting in a Jungle biome next to a Mangrove Swamp. A Bamboo Forest is tucked by the meandering river that divides the two biomes. This area showcases a visually stunning landscape with contrasting textures and bright greenery, perfect for players seeking serenity in their world.

Many returning players may not yet have the chance to explore Minecraft‘s Trails and Tales 1.20 Update. Immediately in your starting area, you’ll find a Trail Ruin on the Jungle biome side, an archaeological dig site. These structures reveal a lost part of an ancient civilization, allowing players to unearth historical relics. Craft a Brush tool with 1 Stick, 1 Copper Ingot, and 1 Feather and use it to sweep the Suspicious Gravel found within the Trail Ruin to reveal a hidden artifact.

7 Largest Mangrove Swamp Biome

Seed: -2907169524291175685

Large stretch of a Mangrove Swamp biome at Spawn point in Minecraft.

Featuring one of the largest Mangrove Swamp biomes, players start in a prime location, flanked by a jungle biome. It is perfect for gathering abundant Mangrove resources and ideal for players aiming to construct mega-bases within the swamp. Additionally, Jungle and Bamboo forests are home to exotic wildlife, including parrots, pandas, and ocelots, alongside more familiar mobs such as sheep, pigs, chickens, and cows. This starting area offers nature lovers the best surroundings to create unique bases designed as animal sanctuaries.

6 Mangrove Swamp And Cherry Grove Biome

Seed: -1412583731547517931

This seed stands out for its wide variety of biomes available, with players spawning in a cheerful Cherry Blossom biome in Minecraft. Encircling Spawn are various biomes, such as snow-capped mountains and birch, oak, and spruce forests. You must journey slightly further away from Spawn to reach the closest Mangrove Swamp, at (X:1249, Y:148, Z:1562). Although more distant compared to other seeds, the array of biomes available makes it a worthwhile venture.


10 Best Seeds For Minecraft Survival

The classic Survival mode of Minecraft can sometimes feel uninteresting, unless you use stunning seeds to create more challenging, dangerous worlds.

Near the Mangrove Swamp, players will discover a desert village, with a shipwreck lying further out in the depths of the Tropical Ocean, containing valuable loot. The village requires defense, as a Pillager Outpost is located nearby in the Savanna region at (X:-1308, Y:69, Z:-1021). Pillager Outposts are ideal for raid farming and acquiring loot, as pillagers will continue respawning.

5 Mangrove Swamp And Woodland Mansion

Seed: 761108337036003025

Mangrove Swamp with Woodland Mansion in the distance, where players spawn in Minecraft.

Immediately upon spawning, a Woodland Mansion in a Dark Forest biome will loom over you. Following the river upstream, you will arrive at the Mangrove Swamp, providing all the resources you might need for your adventures. Although the area may seem daunting due to many hostile mobs inhabiting the mansion, exploring it is especially worthwhile due to the precious rewards obtainable, such as the Totem of Undying dropped by Evokers. Once the mansion is cleared, you could claim it as your starter base before building your own.

4 Mangrove Swamp And Ocean Monument

Seed: 32651097300440321

Minecraft Ocean Monument underwater surrounded by Guardians, with Mangrove Swamp and Savanna biome in the distance.

Upon spawning, you’ll find yourself in a Savanna biome with a Mangrove Swamp adjacent. In the ocean nearby, an Ocean Monument rests beneath the surface, surrounded by Guardians. This location is convenient for starting your adventure, as Monuments are rarely found near Spawn.

This proximity allows easy access to unique blocks like Prismarine, which are only obtainable from Monuments. Securing gold and diamond blocks inside will boost your gameplay, enabling you to craft tools and armor with these precious resources. Ensure you carry milk in your inventory to counteract Mining Fatigue inflicted by Elder Guardians as you explore this underwater fortress.


10 Best Snowy Seeds In Minecraft 1.20

Some of the best world seeds for Minecraft 1.20 are ones that generate snowy worlds filled with cold biomes that reflect the incoming winter months.

Beside the Mangrove Swamp is a Ruined Portal and chest (X:-257, Y:65, Z:-251), placed in a small clearing surrounded by Oak and Birch trees. Additionally, not far from Spawn, a Shipwreck deep underwater awaits discovery at (X:141, Y:41, Z:257). Dive under to salvage items inside, including trading Emeralds in Minecraft, which are particularly useful as payment for Villagers or Wondering Traders.

3 Mangrove Swamp And Ancient City

Seed: 4289678645076403680

Ancient cities, hidden deep below the surface, are often challenging to locate. Fortunately, this seed provides one 50 blocks beneath Spawn at (X: 11, Y: -50, Z: 37), where players begin in the Badlands. This Spawn Point is colorful and vibrant and offers a view of a Mangrove Swamp next to a desert, visible just over the horizon. Near the swamp, a quaint desert village resides, stocked up for all your trading needs.

When exploring the Ancient City, stay vigilant and cautious of the Warden. Despite being blind, the Warden can detect players by scent and sound vibrations as they search for loot. Ancient cities are treasure troves for precious items such as enchanted books, music discs, and tools, and they contain unique blocks like Sculk Shriekers, which can be used for some of the best farms in Minecraft.

2 Mangrove Swamp And Stronghold

Seed: 348722287802000751

Players will spawn in a Mangrove Swamp by the beach beside a Tropical Ocean, where the seabed is adorned with glowing Coral. This seed is especially appealing as it provides a Stronghold fairly near Spawn. These structures typically demand extensive travel and the use of precious Eyes of Ender for discovery – resources better reserved for activating the End Portal.

While this Stronghold is roughly 1000 blocks away (X:1509, Y:13, Z:1011), it is significantly closer than other seeds. Getting to Minecraft‘s End fast is invaluable for various purposes, such as acquiring Shulker Shells or Ender Pearls.

Navigating to the Stronghold through The Nether reduces the distance to approximately 125 blocks, taking no longer than a few minutes to sprint. Consider setting up a Redstone Minecart system for even quicker travel.

There are several underground structures in the surrounding area of the Stronghold, including an Amethyst Geode at (X:1485, Y:-20, Z:1100). This luminous block not only serves as a decorative element but can also be used to craft a Spyglass upon breaking into Amethyst Shards.

Additionally, a Skeleton Spawner is nearby at (X:1494, Y:8, Z:1091). This is one of the most advantageous types of Spawners if used as a mob farm to accumulate levels, Bows, and Bones. Lastly, a Mineshaft located at (X:1519, Y:-22, Z:1006) contains valuable loot, including diamonds.

1 Mangrove Swamp Oasis

Seed: 971639062

One of the most unique worlds, featuring a Mangrove Swamp Oasis, this seed is arguably the best for those interested in the Mangrove Swamp biome. With an unusual starting point, players spawn by a lone Mangrove tree amid the desert. Four villages encircle Spawn, each spaced about 80 – 100 blocks apart. The closest village where you can seek refuge is located at (X:-106, Y:85, Z:27). With a cluster of villages within easy reach, players can establish a Villager trading farm in Minecraft, ensuring access to a wide array of resources right from the start of their gameplay.

The Mangrove Swamp Oasis, positioned at (X:-152, Y:64, Z:-285), is surrounded by winding rivers, with stunning desert landscapes encircling the biome. Players won’t have to stray too far to discover other Minecraft structures brimming with loot. A unique Mineshaft, found within a Ravine in the Badlands, is located at (X:-360, Y:64, Z:548). Additionally, a shipwreck lies next to a desert island in tropical waters, located at (X:1080, Y:56, Z:408).

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