The Java Edition of Minecraft is sometimes thought to not have as many seeds for custom worlds as the Bedrock version of the game. Since Java is only available to limited PC users, adventures may blend as you see many of the same landscapes and structures. However, there are plenty of beautiful and fascinating worlds for you to explore from Java seeds, especially from the recent 1.20 update.



Those trying to use a seed need to go to the “Create New World” option as they enter the main menu of Java Edition. From here, select “More World Options” to load the World Generator, which allows you to input a known seed without any errors. For example, one code could create a predetermined world based on one of the best seeds for Minecraft Survival mode for a challenging journey.


10 Best Seeds For Minecraft 1.20 Bedrock Edition

The Bedrock Edition of Minecraft’s 1.20 update has plenty of gorgeous world seeds that could give you one of your best open-world sandbox experiences.

10 Cherry Blossom Village

Seed: 7543247900868871606

The 1.20 update introduces several new biomes for you to explore, including the wonderous pink Cherry Blossom forests in Minecraft that could create the perfect setting for your next adventure. This Forest not only provides a ton of Wood to help build a starting base but also has many new mobs you can interact with. This seed spawns you in the middle of this biome, with a Village close by.

The Village found from this seed can provide you with additional resources necessary for a well-equipped expedition into the woods. Some of the Villagers may even offer some of their items to trade for basic supplies you might find in the Cherry Blossoms. The pink leaves of this place are quite striking to behold, making any experience in the Village or Forest in Minecraft a memorable one.

9 Abandoned Fishing Village

Seed: 3178467082

Minecraft Abandoned Fishing Village world seed for Java Edition

Ocean biomes can create one-of-a-kind adventures by placing you in the middle of a large body of water, limiting your resources at the start of your journey. This seed spawns you near an Abandoned Village with many items to get you started, but there are a few hidden spots you’ll also want to investigate. Not too far from the settlement, you can find some Shipwreck structures holding many treasures.

One of the first things you should do in this world is build a boat to travel easily across the massive Ocean biome that dominates much of this seed.

8 Desert Oasis

Seed: 12996268

Minecraft Desert Oasis world seed for Java Edition

This seed places you in a collection of dry biomes including a Savannah, Badlands, and a small pocket of Desert in a series of large hills. The fascinating part of this world comes from the Desert, which, despite its size, still manages to contain a Desert Village. Usually, Deserts are difficult places to survive and build a base in, but the way this Village blends seamlessly into the surrounding Savannah makes it unique.

Underneath a gorge next to the Desert Village is also a beautiful Lush Cave biome, which you can explore for tons of ore and maybe even some Diamonds in Minecraft!

A river nearby turns this arid environment into an oasis, with vegetation providing you with basic supplies while you can still enjoy the sands of the Desert and Badlands. The valley in which this civilization resides can also protect you from the approach of hostile mobs in Minecraft. Nearby cave systems are never too far away from the Village either, allowing you to often return to resupply for the next mining job.

7 Frozen Waterfalls

Seed: 1116028581

Minecraft Frozen Waterfalls Java Edition world seed

Tundra biomes are a lot like Deserts, with limited resources that make them harsh environments to survive in. This seed minimizes the risk of a cold setting by placing you within a frozen lake next to a large hill with several waterfalls tracing down the side of the area’s cliffs. A Taiga Forest hosts a Village nestled within the terraces of this hill, giving you a settlement to make your base and start your adventure.


10 Best Snowy Seeds In Minecraft 1.20

Some of the best world seeds for Minecraft 1.20 are ones that generate snowy worlds filled with cold biomes that reflect the incoming winter months.

The winter aesthetic of this place is truly wonderful, providing a distinct backdrop for your home without the harsh realities of living in a completely frozen biome. Digging just under the Village will also lead you to a Lush Cave where an Ancient City structure can be found. Spelunking into this space will let you collect many important items as you continue to discover interesting places hidden deep in this world.

6 Rumble In The Jungle

Seed: 13540557854

Like the Desert Oasis, this seed places you in the middle of a Desert Village, immediately giving you useful items to start your journey. However, as you may see in the above video by YouTube creator Lunry – Minecraft, this settlement is caught between a harsh Badlands biome and a dense Jungle environment. The sharp contrast between these two places creates an unforgettable world defined by its diversity.

While you ride upon the new Camel mobs in the Village, you’ll quickly discover both a Desert and Jungle Temple found right along the edge of the town. These two structures hold great items that you can use to start building a base within the area. A pristine island in the Jungle nearby could be the perfect spot to build a home away from home right next to the Village as you continue your Minecraft adventure.

5 Island of Secrets

Seed: -2707507800979800039

Minecraft Island of Secrets 1.20 Java Edition World Seed

While most seeds place you in an area of relative safety, this world begins with you trapped in a large ravine filled with enemy mobs. Players looking for a challenge will be at home right away as they fight their way to the surface, where they’ll find themselves on a small Island biome. Even though the basic Birch Forest on the surface seems like a simple location, there are many secrets this island is hiding.

Going back underground reveals a Lush Cave system with many interconnected passageways leading back to the mainland. Off the shore of the Island’s beach, you can even find a rare Trail Ruins in Minecraft, which holds many items that may help you venture into the caves. It may take some time to build up your resources in this seed slowly, but that risk could be enticing for the most ambitious explorers.

4 Hall Of The Mountain King

Seed: 92065232838

Minecraft Ancient City structure from Hall of the Mountain King Java Edition world seed

At first glance, this seed seems unremarkable beyond the Village it spawns you near a Jungle shadowed by a large Mountain range. While the basic Meadows biome near this place adds to this world’s overall beauty, the real appeal lies below the surface. Traveling through the gorge within the Mountains reveals a cave system leading to a nearly complete Ancient City under the earth in this Minecraft world.

An Ancient City structure is already rare, but a nearly intact one is almost impossible to find in many other worlds. Similar to Abandoned Mineshafts, these areas hold many dangers but are well worth the risk for the treasures found within. Setting up a base in the Mountains with direct access to this City will keep you busy for some time as you explore every corner of this elusive structure in Minecraft​​​​​​.

3 Mansion in the Highlands

Seed: 6139813668433299776

This seed places you in the middle of another Village, but this small settlement sits right next to a large Woodland Mansion structure high in a Mountain biome. Most structures in a Minecraft world are far apart from each other, so the proximity of this Mansion and Village is incredibly convenient for aspiring explorers. You can stock up on supplies in the Village to prepare for any expeditions into the large structure nearby.

As you can see in a video by YouTube creator akirby80, many rare items can be found in both locations since the Village comprises two Blacksmith Villages. Unique weapons and armor can be found in the settlement, but a Jungle Temple within the area also gives you additional items to help explore the Mansion. Be wary of the dangerous mobs that live within the Mansion as you travel between both civilizations.

2 Portal Nexus Villages

Seed: 4476099671841608882

This seed features a Plains biome combined with many Cherry Blossom Forests for you to build a base around in Minecraft. The main attraction to this seed, though, comes in the form of two Ruined Portals you can find near the four Villages scattered around each other in this world. Each settlement isn’t far away from the other, putting both Portals near one another.

Easy access to the Nether is always going to be helpful, especially if you are trying to find the best Speedrun seeds in Minecraft. The Savannah and Hill biomes near the Forests and Plains are easy environments to navigate, allowing you to build your resources quickly for the journey into the fiery dimension. Make sure to visit every Village to grab other items you might need before traveling into the dangerous Nether.

1 Biome Pillar

Seed: -2919176983466208836

Minecraft Biome Pillar 1.20 Java Edition World Seed

This seed spawns you on an Island that contains nearly every biome in the game within a singular, condensed landmass. A verdant Jungle combines with a small Tundra and Ice Spikes, while a Birch Forest unifies with a Desert only a few dozen blocks away. Variety is an understatement for this world, as even underground there are Lush and Dripstone Caves that add even more biodiversity to the world.

An Ancient City within the earth may be the last place you explore as you investigate all the ways each biome blends on this Island. Some of the strongest elements of other worlds are just a different set piece to this place. The best seeds you can use for Java Edition of Minecraft are the ones that make you feel like you are playing the game for the first time again, with fascinating settings for your next adventure.

Source: Lunry – Minecraft/YouTube, akirby80/YouTube

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