• Tammy Slaton shares her incredible weight loss journey on TikTok with over 30 photos showcasing her transformation.
  • Tammy flaunts her new body confidently in stylish outfits, including selfies with late husband Caleb Willingham.
  • Tammy continues to grieve Caleb’s passing, but believes he is now her guardian angel guiding her in her physical and mental transformation.



1000-Lb Sisters star Tammy Slaton is slimmer than ever in her latest photos on TikTok as she celebrates yet another weight-loss milestone. Tammy used to weigh more than 700 pounds at her heaviest. Tammy has seemingly lost over 400 pounds after getting surgery and altering her lifestyle to make way for healthy food and habits. Tammy has undergone a significant makeover and has started looking like a new person in all the photos she’s been sharing online. Tammy believes that the gastric bypass surgery she had in 2019 is helping her in other ways, such as improving her hair growth.

1000-Lb Sisters star Tammy loves sharing her daily updates on TikTok for her fans to see her transformation courtesy of her weight loss.

Tammy In 1000 Lb Sisters on TikTok showing old Caleb photos and weight loss

This time around, Tammy shared a TikTok slideshow consisting of over 30 photos.

The pictures show the different moods of the reality TV star. Some were selfies taken when Tammy wore a breathing tube, and several of them were of her using various face-altering filters. A few photos showed Tammy making the best of her good health to explore nature and her surroundings, while the slideshow was peppered with full-length pictures showing Tammy’s incredible weight loss.


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Tammy Slaton Pays Tribute To Late Husband Caleb Willingham

Tammy smiled for the camera as she posed in stylish attire and flaunted her new body.

Every picture showed Tammy dressed in a new trendy outfit – from cool denim to cute cardigans, and bold leather jackets.

Tammy wore them all in her photos with confidence. Along with her own selfies, Tammy also posted several photos of her with her late husband, Caleb Willingham. These were stills from 1000-Lb Sisters, photos from Tammy and Caleb’s intimate wedding ceremony, a few in frames, and a picture from Caleb’s emotional memorial service featured in the final 1000-Lb Sisters episode.

Tammy and Caleb met at Windsor Lane Rehabilitation Center in Gibsonburg, Ohio, in 2022. Tammy was in rehab to lose her extra pounds before her bariatric surgery. Caleb was there to receive obesity treatment. Caleb proposed to Tammy in October 2022 and the two were married in November 2022. Caleb was just 40 years old when he died in June 2023. The real cause of Caleb’s death was never revealed. Tammy said Caleb was her guardian angel who was now really watching her do her best.

It’s evident from the 1000-Lb Sisters’ celeb’s social media profiles that Tammy is still trying to cope with the loss of her partner. It was rumored that Tammy and Caleb were estranged at the time of his death. However, Tammy had always maintained that Caleb was her best friend, whom she loved dearly. Tammy thanks Caleb for showing her what true love and happiness can be. Tammy has been transforming both physically and mentally as she comes out of her shell and embraces her body.

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