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11 Actors Who Would Be Perfect

April 19, 2024
11 Actors Who Would Be Perfect


  • As anticipation builds for the live action adaptation of Thundercats, speculation about the casting choices has been rampant.
  • The series follows a group of cat-like humanoid warriors known as the ThunderCats.
  • Success depends on the actors bringing the iconic characters to life.



With a live-action adaptation of Thundercats in development, there are several actors who have the ability to bring each main character to life. The Thundercats franchise, which began as an animated series in 1985, has had a significant cultural impact, spawning a vast array of comics, action figures, video games, and television reboots. The series follows a group of cat-like humanoid warriors known as the ThunderCats, who find refuge on Third Earth after the destruction of their home planet.

The announcement of the live-action Thundercats film, to be directed by Adam Wingard of Godzilla vs. Kong has been met with enthusiasm from fans who have eagerly awaited this project for years. As anticipation builds, speculation about the casting choices for iconic characters such as Lion-O, Tygra, Cheetara, and the villainous Mumm-Ra has been rampant. The success of the live-action adaptation will depend on the ability of the chosen actors to embody the essence of these beloved characters, bringing them to life through a combination of powerful performances and state-of-the-art visual effects.

10 Sir Ian McKellen


Sir Ian McKellen’s distinguished acting career and commanding screen presence make him an ideal choice to portray Jaga in the live-action Thundercats movie. As a seasoned actor with an impressive range, McKellen has the ability to embody the wise and mystical qualities that define Jaga’s character. His experience of portraying iconic roles, such as Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, demonstrates his capacity to bring depth to a mentor figure like Jaga.

McKellen’s ability to deliver profound dialogue with conviction would perfectly capture Jaga’s role as a guiding force for the Thundercats. Through a combination of masterful makeup artistry and subtle CGI enhancements, McKellen could be transformed into the ethereal form of Jaga, complete with his signature long beard and flowing robes. With McKellen’s talent and the right visual effects, Jaga’s otherworldly presence and magical abilities would be brought to life on the big screen, adding an extra layer of depth to the Thundercats‘ story.

9 Chris Hemsworth


With his impressive physique, natural charisma, and proven track record in portraying heroic characters, Chris Hemsworth is a standout choice to bring Lion-O to life in the live-action Thundercats movie. Hemsworth conveys strength, determination, and vulnerability, allowing him to capture the essence of Lion-O’s character, as he leads his team in the fight against evil forces. The combination of expertly applied prosthetic makeup and cutting-edge CGI techniques would enable Hemsworth to embody Lion-O’s iconic appearance while maintaining the expressiveness needed to connect with the audience.

The prosthetics would preserve the character’s distinctive feline features, such as his pointed ears and tufted mane, while the CGI enhancements would transform this Thundercats character. This approach would result in a visually striking and emotionally resonant portrayal of Lion-O. Chris Hemsworth is the perfect choice to pay homage to the character’s rich history while introducing him to a new generation of fans.

8 Terry Crews


With his quick wit and unwavering loyalty, Panthro serves as the backbone of the Thundercats team, providing both physical strength and strategic guidance in their battles against evil. Terry Crews possesses the necessary attributes to bring this complex character to life in the Thundercats live-action adaptation. Crews’ ability to deliver comedic lines with impeccable timing, as demonstrated in his roles in Brooklyn Nine-Nine and White Chicks, would perfectly capture Panthro’s dry humor and sarcastic quips.

His experience in action-oriented projects, such as The Expendables series, showcases his capability to handle the physically demanding aspects of the role, from intense fight sequences to showcasing Panthro’s mechanical expertise. To fully realize Panthro’s unique appearance, a combination of meticulously crafted practical effects and cutting-edge CGI would be employed. Prosthetics and makeup would be used to create Panthro’s distinctive feline features and muscular physique, while seamlessly integrated CGI would bring his iconic mechanical arms and advanced gadgets to life on the big screen.

7 Oscar Isaac


Oscar Isaac’s ability to portray complex characters with depth and nuance makes him an excellent choice for the role of Tygra. Oscar Isaac’s versatile performances, ranging from villainous roles in Ex Machina to more nuanced characters like in Inside Llewyn Davis, showcase his talent for conveying intelligence and emotional depth. These qualities are essential for capturing Tygra’s persona convincingly. Isaac’s versatility as an actor would allow him to showcase Tygra’s keen mind and strategic thinking, as well as his loyalty to the Thundercats.

To bring Tygra’s unique appearance and abilities to life, a combination of skillfully applied makeup and cutting-edge CGI would be utilized. Prosthetics and makeup would be used to create Tygra’s distinctive feline features, while CGI would enable the portrayal of his special abilities, such as invisibility. This approach would ensure that Isaac’s performance remains at the forefront, while also providing the necessary visual effects to showcase Tygra’s powers in a believable manner.

6 Priyanka Chopra Jonas


Cheetara serves as a vital member of the Thundercats team, with lightning-fast reflexes and a keen eye for justice. Priyanka Chopra Jonas, known for her versatility and magnetic screen presence, possesses the perfect blend of attributes to bring this beloved character to life. Her experience of tackling physically demanding roles, as seen in projects like Quantico and Baywatch, showcases her ability to portray Cheetara’s incredible speed and agility with convincing prowess.

Chopra Jonas’ talent for conveying emotional depth would allow her to capture Cheetara’s fierce dedication, compassion, and the complex relationships she shares with her fellow Thundercats. To fully realize Cheetara’s distinctive appearance, skilled makeup artists would create custom prosthetics to enhance Cheetara’s feline features, such as her striking facial structure and sleek, spotted hair. Additionally, advanced CGI techniques are needed to bring her superhuman speed and agility to life on the big screen. The result would be a visually stunning and authentic portrayal of Cheetara that pays homage to the character’s iconic design while showcasing Chopra Jonas’ immense talent.

5 Amandla Sternberg And Asa Butterfield

WilyKit And WilyKat

WilyKit and WilyKat are two mischievous characters that could perfectly be portrayed by Amandla Stenberg and Asa Butterfield. Stenberg’s performances in The Hate U Give and Bodies Bodies Bodies showcase her ability to convey youthful energy, resilience, and emotional depth, aligning perfectly with WilyKit’s character. Likewise, Butterfield’s roles in Ender’s Game and Hugo demonstrate his skill at portraying intelligent and resourceful characters with a mischievous streak, making him an ideal WilyKat.

Their natural chemistry would be key in capturing the twins’ playful and adventurous spirit as they navigate challenges alongside the Thundercats. Carefully designed costumes and skillfully applied makeup would create their distinctive appearances, with CGI used sparingly for specific visual effects. By focusing on practical effects, Stenberg and Butterfield’s performances would shine, ensuring WilyKit and WilyKat are portrayed with authenticity and depth, making them an integral part of the Thundercats ensemble.

4 Danny Devito


Danny DeVito’s iconic voice and iconic comedic skills make him the perfect choice to bring Snarf, the loyal and humorous companion of the Thundercats, to life. DeVito’s ability to deliver witty one-liners and convey genuine emotion, as demonstrated in his roles in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Matilda, would capture Snarf’s unique blend of humor. By providing both the voice and motion capture for the character, DeVito would ensure that Snarf’s personality and physicality are seamlessly integrated, creating a fully realized and endearing presence on screen.

To create Snarf’s distinctive appearance, a combination of advanced CGI and motion capture technology would be employed. DeVito’s performances would be recorded using state-of-the-art motion capture techniques, allowing his facial expressions, body language, and movements to be translated onto Snarf’s digital model. This approach would ensure that Snarf’s anthropomorphic features, such as his expressive face and small stature, are convincingly rendered while maintaining the essence of DeVito’s comedic performance.

3 Dave Bautista

Grune The Destroyer

Grune is a formidable and treacherous villain in the Thundercats universe, known for his immense strength, cunning nature, and relentless pursuit of power. As a former ally turned enemy, Grune’s imposing presence and combat prowess make him a dangerous adversary for the Thundercats. Dave Bautista, with his impressive physique and ability to portray intimidating characters, as seen in his roles in Guardians of the Galaxy and Spectre, would be an excellent choice to bring Grune to life.

Bautista’s skill at conveying both physical dominance and emotional depth would allow him to capture Grune’s complex nature and menacing aura. To transform Bautista into Grune, a combination of expertly designed prosthetics and makeup would be used to create his distinctive feline features and enhance his already muscular build. CGI would be employed to further emphasize his supernatural abilities and larger-than-life presence, ensuring that Grune becomes a truly memorable villain on the big screen.

2 Javier Bardem


As the chief antagonist in the Thundercats series, Mumm-Ra is an ancient sorcerer consumed by evil and an insatiable hunger for power. His malevolent presence casts a dark shadow over Third Earth, as he schemes to defeat the Thundercats and assert his dominion. To embody this iconic villain, Javier Bardem would be a compelling choice, bringing his talent for portraying complex and sinister characters to the role.

The performances in Javier Bardem’s best movies, like No Country for Old Men and Skyfall, demonstrate his ability to convey a sense of menace and authority, qualities that are essential to capturing Mumm-Ra’s essence. Bringing Mumm-Ra to life on the big screen would require a significant reliance on advanced CGI techniques. His mummified appearance and the intricate details of his ancient attire would be meticulously crafted using digital effects, while his transformations into even more powerful forms would be rendered with cutting-edge CGI, showcasing the full extent of his otherworldly abilities and making him a truly terrifying adversary for the Thundercats.

1 Liam Neeson


The former king of Thundera and Lion-O’s father, Claudus, is a figure of great wisdom, strength, and compassion. He serves as a guiding light for his son and his people, embodying the noble qualities of leadership and sacrifice. Liam Neeson has a commanding presence and an ability to convey both authority and paternal warmth, making him an ideal choice to portray Claudus.

Neeson’s performances in films like Taken and The Chronicles of Narnia showcase his talent for playing strong, protective characters with an underlying sense of tenderness, making him well-suited to capture Claudus’ essence. To bring Claudus to life on screen, a combination of expertly crafted prosthetics and makeup would be used to create his distinctive feline features, enhancing Neeson’s already regal bearing. CGI would be employed to refine his appearance and to create any necessary visual effects, ensuring that Claudus’ presence is both visually striking and emotionally resonant.

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