• Chelsea Blackwell’s claim to resemble Megan Fox sparked intense criticism and backlash on social media.
  • Comments accusing Chelsea of clinginess and comparing her to Jay Leno flooded her Instagram posts.
  • Despite receiving support from friends and fans, Chelsea faced relentless attacks and negativity online.



Chelsea Blackwell stands out as the most infamous star of Love Is Blind season 6, and the internet has gone after her with the ferocity that only the internet can muster. The internet’s seemingly unquenchable obsession with Chelsea started when, while unable to see each other in the pods, she told Jimmy Presnell that people often told her that she resembled the movie star siren Megan Fox. Social media immediately pounced on the claim and fans took to her Instagram comments to register their collective opinion.

Since leaving the pods and seeing each other for the first time, Jimmy talked about the fact that he felt misled by Chelsea about her looks. Though he says he still loves her and her looks don’t matter, it’s clear that her comment has stuck with him. It even came up when her friends came by to visit the Love Is Blind season 6 stars during a recent episode. Her friends backed up her Megan Fox claim, but the internet remains unconvinced. Read on for some of the most brutal Instagram comments hurled at Chelsea, ranked.


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“I’m The Problem, It’s Me”

On February 21, 2024, Chelsea posted a Love Is Blind season 6 promotional photo on Instagram that includes some basic information, like her name, her age, and the fact that she’s a flight attendant and event planner. The caption reads, in part, “It’s me, hi, I’m the problem, it’s me,” quoting a Taylor Swift song. It also includes a quote from Chelsea that reads “I want to find someone who truly knows my soul.” In the photo, Chelsea is smiling serenely and certainly shares similar coloring to Miss Fox.

“Spoiler alert: you are clingy.”

But the internet dog-piled Chelsea’s post. “Spoiler alert: you are clingy,” wrote @tayy_kelly, earning almost 500 likes. The comment is in reference to a recent Love Is Blind episode in which Jimmy told Chelsea that he felt she was too clingy. Chelsea didn’t take the criticism well, became furious at Jimmy for using the word “clingy,” and even threatened to stop initiating sex.

7 The Women Of Love Is Blind

Is It Hard For The Ladies Sitting Next To Meghan Fox?”

On February 7, 2024, Chelsea posted a photo of some of the women of Love Is Blind season 6 hanging out together on the beach. In the photo, AD Smith, Amy Cortes, Laura Dadisman, and Chelsea are seated around a fire pit near the water, and Chelsea is turned around in her chair, coyly pulling her glasses down. The caption reads, “Tune in Feb 14th to get the tea.” The comments came hard and fast.

“It’s you using the FaceApp on your face like we didn’t see what you really looked like”

The top comment comes from @fashioninsp24, who wrote, “Is it hard for the ladies sitting next to Meghan Fox?”, to the tune of almost 2000 likes. Which is only slightly less than the over 2300 likes that Chelsea’s original post received. Many of the other comments criticized Chelsea for her low self-esteem and her choice of Jimmy over fellow Love Is Blind cast member Trevor Sova, whom Chelsea also dated in the pods.

6 Happy New Year Post Got Heat

Heading Into 2024

Love Is Blind season 6 chelsea blackwell new year's eve instagram post

Leading up to New Year’s Eve, on December 26, 2023, Chelsea posted an Instagram photo of herself in a sequined dress, holding up a bottle of champagne, ready to ring in the new year. The pileup of nasty comments compared her to Jay Leno, as well as the masked murderer from the Scream movies. However, there were many positive comments too, with plenty of comments telling the Love Is Blind season 6 star that she’s beautiful and wishing her a great new year.

5 Ladies Night Didn’t Go Over Well

“Dry January: 0 – Girls Night: 1”

Love Is Blind season 6 chelsea blackwell instagram post girls night

On January 12, 2024, Chelsea posted an Instagram photo of herself in a pink cap, reclining in a wicker chair with a nighttime city skyline in the background. The Love Is Blind season 6 star holds a drink in her hand and the caption reads, “Dry January:0 – Girls Night: 1.” One of the top comments comes from @believeruniverse111 and reads, “I’m i the only one or she is totally looking different the one I saw in the show. I’m asking this genuinely.” Though many people find Chelsea to be annoying, several people also came to Chelsea’s defense. @natcat1820 wrote, “bullying of this woman is disgusting.

4 Happy Girl Era

More Like Adele?

Love Is Blind season 6 chelsea blackwell instagram post closeup selfie

On January 9, 2024, Chelsea posted a selfie within a selfie to Instagram, with the caption “In my happy girl era“, followed by a star and heart emojis. The first comment comes from @meleahclinton and reads, “Hah how many filters are on this thing.” Several comments under this post point out that Chelsea looks more like Adele than Megan Fox, which appears to be meant as a compliment.

3 Merry Crisis

Love Is Blind season 6 chelsea blackwell instagram post in front of xmas tree

On December 16, 2023, Chelsea posted a photo to Instagram of herself standing in front of a Christmas tree with all the trimmings. The Love Is Blind season 6 star is touching her long ponytail with her red nails and looking off to the side. Some of the people in her comments must have been thoroughly lacking in holiday spirit because they came after her hard. @flaminghotsimba simply wrote, “Great photoshop,” while @megs_season asked, “Did you shorten your chin or is it a filter?”

2 Get Ready With Me

“Just Out Here Being Humbled By The Internet”

On February 16, 2024, Chelsea addressed the drama directly on Instagram. She filmed a TikTok of herself putting her makeup on and mouthed along with the dialogue, “Nothing makes me scared.The video is subtitled “POV: Watching Love Is Blind and waiting for THAT scene,” and the caption reads, “Just out here being humbled by the internet.” The internet took issue with the post, and the top comment, which comes from @makeupbysava.nah, reads, “Good bc you needed to be humbled lmao

1 Chelsea Got Dragged

“Go On A Show To Find Love > Get Your A** Dragged”

On February 18, 2024, in another TikTok posted to Instagram, Chelsea posted a video of herself showing off her hat and boots, with a drink in her hand. The caption reads, “Go on a show to find love > get your ass dragged. The internet heard the call and came back with a slew of mean comments. @laurenkimberlyy wrote, “It’s actually exhausting watching you on tv. Plssssssssssss go to therapy,” which received almost 1500 likes. Sadly for the Love Is Blind season 6 star, the internet remains undefeated.

Love Is Blind season 6 streams Wednesdays on Netflix.

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