After KKR's Defeat From RR, Shah Rukh Khan Interacts With The Cricketers Of His Team, Cheers Them Up

Shah Rukh Khan has been brimming all headlines recently, for his active participation in boosting the morale his cricket team, Kolkata Knight Riders in the current season of the Indian Premiere League 2024. The proud owner has been supporting his team endlessly, by either cheering for them on the stands or interacting with them heartily back in the changing room. Unfortunately, on April 16, 2024, KKR lost a match against Rajasthan Royals, and it was an enormously unforeseen road block for the team.

Shah Rukh Khan endearingly interacts with his team KKR after their lost match, cheers them up

And now, an unseen clip of Shah Rukh Khan has surfaced on the internet, wherein the actor could be seen having a candid conversation with all the players of his team, Kolkata Knight Riders back in the changing room. While surely all the cricketers were quite disheartened to lose a match and witness it slip away in the fickle of few minutes, it was SRK who chose to boost his teammates morale and cheer them up. In his conversation, while Shah Rukh pointed out that they didn’t deserve to lose the match, nevertheless, he also acknowledged the nail-biting effort every player put in till the very last minute. Expressing how the game is still not over for KKR, SRK said:

“There are days in our lives, in sports, specially, when we don’t deserve to lose. And there are days also when we don’t deserve to win. But days are like that, which turns things around. Today, we didn’t deserve to lose. All of us played extremely well. We have to be very, very proud of ourselves. Please don’t feel sad or down. Feel as happy as we feel whenever we come to the changing room and we are on a high. So maintain the high. The main thing is the energy in all of us. And I think we have great energy on the field, we have lovely energy over here. Personally also, everybody is bonding together. So please continue so. All the best. Honestly, it’s a very proud day, the way we all played. I think all of us, I wont take individual names, that’s been taken.”

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Shah Rukh Khan gives a special shoutout for KKR veteran, Gautam Gambhir

Continuing with his speech, SRK also gave a shoutout to the former player of the Kolkata Knight Riders, Gautam Gambhir, as he requested the latter to not feel bad over the loss at the match. He assured him and every other player that this was merely a speed breaker and the team would bounce back bigger and better soon. In his words:

“GG, you don’t feel down. We would all be bouncing back. It is God’s plan for today. As Rinku says, I think this is what we would like them. We’ll be back with more and better God’s plans. Thank you everyone, God bless you all.”



Watch the video here.

SRK turned teary-eyed after KKR lost against RR

In some more glimpses from the latest match of the Kolkata Knight Riders against Rajasthan Royals, the team’s leader, SRK could be seen getting teary-eyed, as he sat in the strands and witnessed his team’s defeat. While on most other matches, Shah Rukh Khan usually sports his happy best, cheering loudly for his team, this was indeed quite a heavy moment, as nearly everyone thought that KKR would keep up with its winning streak.

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Shah Rukh Khan extended sportsmanlike behaviour, congratulated Rajasthan Royals for their win

However, if people thought that Shah Rukh Khan would sit grumpy and shed cold vibes with the winning team of the match, Rajasthan Royals, it would be a complete mis-analysis. While the superstar was emotional for a few moments after his team’s defeat, nevertheless, he walked up straight to the fields after the match got over and hugged cricketers from the opponent team, to congratulate for their win.


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