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High-quality parts should be applied to every family

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AMI PARTS is to develop products that meet customer needs based on customer needs. This is a form of mutual promotion


AMI PARTS will provide you with high-quality products and services

How did we get our start?

AMI PARTS has been committed to getting more cost-effective for customers,durability”, “applicability” and “long service life” have become the distinctive features of AMI PARTS

Why do we love what we do?

Our mission is to bring you a healthier, more comfortable and convenient life through what we love

What makes our products unique?

AMI PARTS has a professional production workshop and a high-quality quality inspection department to strictly control quality problems before product sales. Improve the product according to the customer’s suggestions


π…πˆπ“ π…πŽπ‘ π’π€πŒπ’π”ππ† 𝐊𝐍𝐎𝐁:DG94-03500 Series knobs Compatible with Samsung cooker knobs, part numbers: DG94-04396A, DG94-04167A, DG94-03950A, DG94-03500A, DG94-03500B, DG94-03500C, DG94-03500D, DG94-03500E, DG94-03500F, DG94-03500G, DG94-03500H, DG94-03500K, DG94-03500L, DG94-03500M, DG94-03500U…to Z. Replaces all knobs on the DG94-03500 from A to Z.AV/AW/AY/AZ( Knob back) can also be Replacement for Samsung Gas Range Knobs
π–πˆπƒπ„ π„πŽπŒππ€π“πˆππˆπ‹πˆπˆπ˜: Compatible with Samsung gas stoves:NX60BB871112AA-0001, NX60T8711SS/AA-00, NX60T8751SS/AA-(00,01,02), NY63T8751SS/AA-(00,01,02), NE63T8711SS/AA-(00,01,02,03), NX60T8311SS/AA-(00,01,02,03), NX60T8111SS/AA-(00,01,02), NX60A6511SS/AA-(01,02), NX60A6711SS/AA-(00/01,02) NX60T8751SG-(0000/0001,0002), NX60T8711SG/AA-00, NY63T8751SG/AA-(00/01,02,03), NE63T8711SG/AA-(00/01,02), NE63T8711ST/AA-(00/01,02,03,04), NE63T8111SG/AA-(00/01,02,03,04), NE63T8311SG/AA-(00,01,02,03,04,05), NE63T8311SS/AA-(00,01,02,03,04,05), NE63T8111SS/AA-(00/01,02,03,04,05,06), NX60T8311SG/AA-(00/01,02,03,04) If you are unsure about compatibility, please feel free to contact us for help
ππ‘πŽπƒπ”π‚π“ 𝐔𝐏𝐆𝐑𝐀𝐃𝐄:Our Samsung dg94-03500a/z knobs are made of PBI engineering plastic as a whole, more heat-resistant, abrasion-resistant, won’t burn your hands and other characteristics, the back side is made of metal stainless steel, reinforcing the whole, not easy to deform. With a thick solid ring, after tens of thousands of times rotating test is not easy to break, gas stove knob has a long life, knob single weight 88g. dg94-03500u stove surface burner knob is a good alternative!
π„π€π’π˜ π“πŽ πˆππ’π“π€π‹π‹:The gas range knobs have been optimized and upgraded.Quality meets or exceeds OEM manufacturing requirements. Appearance and functionality are the same as the OEM Samsung Range oven. The upgraded DG94-04167A knobs fit perfectly with the machine nx60t8111ss. You can simply remove the old samsung gas stove knobs and install the new knobs without the use of any tools. Then install the new knobs, the whole process takes only a few seconds. Note: Turn off the gas supply to the stove.
π‚π”π’π“πŽπŒπ„π‘ π’π„π‘π•πˆπ‚π„π’:RISK-FREE SHOPPING, we guarantee to always provide the best quality product. Please rest assured to buy, If you have any problem about dg94-03500a/z samsung knob, our customer service will solve your problem within 24 hours. We’re dedicated to ensuring you have a great shopping experience.

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