• Elizabeth & Andrei faced family feuds but remain happily married, sharing a perfect life on social media.
  • The couple plans to move away from Elizabeth’s family, showcasing their journey on 90 Day Diaries.
  • Producers may recast them for future 90 Day Fiancé spin-offs, given their popularity and ongoing family issues.



Former 90 Day Fiancé couple, Elizabeth “Libby” Potthast and Andrei Castravet, have come a long way since their wedding in December 2017. The Florida native and the Moldovan man’s journey began in season 5. They seemed like a lovely couple and faced only a few challenges. Ultimately, Elizabeth and Andrei tied the knot in the finale. They stood out as one of the strongest duos and got recast on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?. Unfortunately, things didn’t go well for them this time around. They struggled with family feuds, which pushed them to the verge of breakup.

From Andrei’s unemployment problems to sibling rivalry between the Potthast kids, the couple faced too many issues in the first few years of their married life. However, they slowly fixed them and welcomed two adorable babies. In 2022, Elizabeth and Andrei return to TV to showcase their new issues. One of their biggest challenges was Andrei’s deportation scare, which didn’t come true. Over the last few months, the 90 Day Fiancé season 5 couple remained consistently active on social media, sharing their relationship updates. They also discussed their new milestones on Instagram and shared photos from their recent traveling adventures.


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Elizabeth & Andrei Are Still Happily Married

Elizabeth & Andrei’s First Daughter Is Now 5 Years Old

Elizabeth and Andrei have experienced various struggles over the years. However, they’re still together and happily married. Most of the couple’s 2024 posts show they’re in a healthy relationship and very content with their lives. Elizabeth has been sharing cuddly pictures and videos with Andrei, highlighting that she’s simply in a perfect marriage. Andrei has been showing off that he’s an incredible husband by committing to his responsibilities and being a hardworking patriarch. The pair recently celebrated the fifth birthday of their adorable daughter and shared family photos showing that they’re a real power couple.

Elizabeth and Andrei’s latest posts from 2024 highlight their marriage as perfect. They show that the pair fit into stereotypical roles, which works for them. Elizabeth loves caring for the kids and being a stay-at-home mother who controls everything. Andrei works hard to provide for his family. The couple shared a humorous video talking about their roles in February 2024. The video showed the mom of two working and thinking about her stressful day. She then acted like her husband, whose main concern at home was whether he had made a trip to the bathroom yet.

Elizabeth & Andrei Plan To Move Away From Her Family

Elizabeth Will do Anything To Find Her Happily Ever After With Andrei

Elizabeth and Andrei have overcome their issues but still haven’t resolved some of their family feuds. In February 2024, the couple appeared in an episode of 90 Day Diaries and shared their plans. They discussed moving away from Elizabeth’s family and living somewhere else. The mom of two said, “I would do whatever it takes to get a beautiful life for me and my family,” adding that she’s worried about how her father, Chuck Potthast, would react. Andrei also seemed excited about moving to a new place.

Elizabeth also revealed that things aren’t going well with her family. However, she was still hesitant to move a couple of hours away. When the pair shared the news with Chuck, he was surprised but not unhappy. The grandpa was excited and overjoyed to learn that Andrei had been trying his best to provide for his daughter and grandkids. Chuck then said he would miss his daughter and kids a lot, and Andrei jokingly told him not to be dramatic.

The Moldovan man said,
“you’re literally two hours on the highway. It’s going to be fine.”


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Elizabeth & Andrei Keep Sharing Their Life Updates With Loyal Fans

Elizabeth has always been confident enough to share her life on social media. However, she has become much more comfortable being herself and posting her ups & downs on Instagram lately. In January 2024, the 90 Day Fiancé alum Elizabeth shared a video showing how she often gets startled by her husband at home. The following week, she shared another video comparing her accent with her husband’s. From her trips to Grand Canyon National Park to her holiday celebrations at home, Elizabeth loves to share a slice of her life online that most of her fans appreciate.

Andrei is just like Elizabeth when it comes to posting on social media. He seemed uptight when he debuted on the series. However, he has started showing his charming side and proved that he’s just as cool as his Floridian wife. In December 2023, Andrei took his family out to celebrate Christmas. He shared a reel of all the sweet moments with his followers, gaining thousands of likes and hundreds of supportive comments. In February 2024, Andrei met with co-star Riley Diego. He posted a photo with him, showing that he’s a friendly guy.

Will Elizabeth & Andrei Return To The 90 Day Fiancé Franchise?

Elizabeth & Andrei Should Feature In 90 Day: The Last Resort Season 2

90 Day Fiancé Libby Potthast Andrei Castravet Smiling

Elizabeth and Andrei have been among the most popular cast members in 90 Day Fiancé history. Therefore, it’s easy to see that producers would love to cast them again for more spin-offs. The pair is still very famous on social media and has hundreds of thousands of followers. Therefore, it would also benefit the network to recast them for future shows and keep the audience hooked. Most recently, Elizabeth and Andrei were part of 90 Day Dairies, where they teased that they’d move away from their current home. The future spin-offs could focus on that part of their lives.

Andrei and Elizabeth can return to film a few plausible shows. The network could allow them to be part of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, as it is a family-centered spin-off. The pair is married, so it would make sense for them to tell their ongoing story. Elizabeth and Andrei could feature in 90 Day: The Last Resort season 2. The two still have some ongoing family issues that they can resolve through the help of therapy. Since pairs like Yara Zaya and Jovi Dufren benefited from the 90 Day Fiancé spin-off, Andrei and Elizabeth may also gain something.

90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?

, Season 8 premieres Sunday, March 17 at 8 p.m. EST on TLC.

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