The two sides, ASIA DMC and Enchantive Asia, have signed a memorandum of understanding for the relaunching of the ASIA DMC office in Bangkok.

Article by: Neeracha Malisak – Lemire

As both embark on this new chapter with enthusiasm, optimism, and a shared commitment to excellence, the aim of this strategic partnership is to continue providing exceptional service to guests, clients, partners, and stakeholders in Thailand. Additionally, they aim to enhance the key strengths of both companies, whether through joint experiences, resources, or business varieties, which they offer with high-quality standards to bring value to the tourism industry.

ASIA DMC’s main focus will be on long-haul markets and long stays, as 60-70% of its revenue comes from the long-haul market and its partnerships with many agents from the US, Australia, Europe, New Zealand, and several other countries from the European and Schengen Balkan regions. Enchantive Asia will handle operations and short-haul markets.

Since 2019, ASIA DMC has been absent in Thailand due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, with this opportunity for a joint collaboration, both companies look forward to creating unforgettable experiences, forging meaningful partnerships, and contributing to the growth and development of the tourism industry in Thailand. This also marks another milestone for ASIA DMC, which is soon celebrating its 28th anniversary.

For over 27 years, ASIA DMC has been a leading destination management company, proudly representing travel agents and tour operators throughout Asia in delivering exceptional travel experiences to clients from all over the world.

ASIA DMC and Enchantive Asia are both strong leaders in destination management. ASIA DMC offers enhanced experiences in tourism products, providing professional and innovative travel solutions to tour companies worldwide for their clients travelling to Asia. Meanwhile, Enchantive Asia brings the highest quality of service and attention to detail to the VIP travel business in Asia, delivering unmatched luxury travel services in all segments of tourism.


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