• Batman’s contingency plans serve to preserve his life, allowing him to continue his heroic mission against all odds.
  • Batman’s preparedness is key to his survival, as revealed in a humorous yet profound moment aboard the Bat-Jet.
  • The Justice League’s initial reaction to Batman’s plans highlights the importance of empathy and understanding his perspective.



WARNING: Potential Spoilers For Batman / Dylan Dog #2!Batman is renowned for his Anti-Justice League contingency plans, detailing the numerous methods he could employ to neutralize the League’s members should they ever turn rogue. While serving as a world-saving countermeasure, Batman has inadvertently revealed that these plans have a crucial purpose beyond his altruistic desire to safeguard the world.

The same principle applies to Batman’s contingency plans; they serve the purpose of preserving his life so he can continue to fight the good fight.

Batman is renowned for his near-compulsive, obsessive preparedness, exemplified by his extensive Anti-Justice League contingency plans, which have long been regarded as a safeguard against the possibility of the League turning against those they vowed to protect.

Batman Dylan Dog #2 Dylan getting airsick

While this notion remains true, Batman / Dylan Dog #2 has recently unveiled another layer to Batman’s preparedness, one that transcends altruism. Bruce discloses that his meticulous preparation for every conceivable scenario is what ultimately ensures his survival. This revelation casts Batman’s Anti-Justice League contingency plans in a new perspective.


Sorry Batman, [SPOILER] Just Proved They’re DC’s Ultimate Contingency Planner

One iconic villain has proven that they rival even Batman in contingency planning as they go up against one of the DCU’s most powerful beings.

Batman’s Anti-Contincengey Plans Come From a Place of Preparedness, The ONLY Thing That Keeps Him Alive

Batman Dylan Dog #2 why Batman is still alive

The revelation regarding Bruce’s need for preparedness emerges in a slightly humorous scenario, yet it resonates with all of Batman’s actions, including his contingency plans. In Batman / Dylan Dog, Bruce and Dylan find themselves aboard the Bat-Jet when Dog begins to feel airsick. Batman promptly points Dylan to the location of the airsickness bags tucked into the backrest of the seat in front of him. In response, Dog quips, “Y-you think of everything, don’t you?” To which Batman simply replies, “Yes… That’s why I’m still alive.”

This moment underscores that Batman’s primary motivation for preparedness is to ensure his own survival. While this may initially appear self-centered, the importance of Batman staying alive cannot be overstated. Given the countless lives he has saved and will continue to save, as well as the people who depend on him, his continued existence is integral to his mission. It is this dedication to staying alive that defines his exceptional heroism. The same principle applies to Batman’s contingency plans; they serve the purpose of preserving his life, so he can continue to fight the good fight.


Batman Reveals the Most Important Weapon in His Arsenal

Batman is world-famous for his various gadgets and gear, but he has finally revealed which weapon he thinks is the MOST mission-critical.

The Justice League Was WRONG For Getting Upset With Batman Over His Contingency Plans

The Justice League’s initial reaction upon discovering Batman’s contingency plans for each of them was a mix of anger, hurt, and disbelief. However, had they paused to consider Batman’s perspective, they might have realized that his intentions were far from malicious. In this moment, empathy could have been invaluable for the League members. Understanding Bruce’s position might have led them to acknowledge that he, as a non-powered human, was doing his best to level the playing field against literal gods. Conversely, Batman could have chosen to initially share these contingency plans with the Justice League, preventing them from feeling blindsided.

Batman / Dylan Dog #2 is available now from DC Comics!

BATMAN / DYLAN DOG #2 (2024)

Batman Dylan Dog cover #2

  • Writer: Roberto Recchioni
  • Artist: Werther Dell’Edera & Gigi Cavenago
  • Colorist: Giovanna Niro
  • Letterer: Omar Tuis
  • Cover Artist: Gigi Cavenago

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