• Black Manta is shown to carry the Black Trident in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.
  • The Black Trident contains dark magic, which Black Manta uses in his attempt to destroy Aquaman and his family.
  • While Aquaman’s Trident of Atlan is likely more powerful, Black Manta’s trident is not to be underestimated, as it contains immense dark magic – though wielding the weapon comes e at great personal cost.



Black Manta wields a black trident in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, a pwoerful DCEU weapon with a complicated comics backstory. Black Manta is well-known as one of Aquaman’s arch-enemies in the comics, a sea-faring mercenary wearing a high-tech suit to battle the King of Atlantis. 2018’s Aquaman saw David Kane, a.k.a. Black Manta (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II), make his cinematic debut, with David holding Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa) responsible for his father’s death and seeking revenge – a premise that leads him to enact further retribution in the final movie of the DCEU timeline.

In Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom‘s story, Black Manta returns to fulfill his vendetta once more, and poses such a threat that Aquaman has to team up with Orm, a.k.a. Ocean Master (Patrick Wilson), to defeat their common enemy. Black Manta also carries some new tools for battle in the sequel, with Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom showing him wielding a black trident against Aquaman that has some major significance for the movie’s plot and plays a considerable role in the Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom ending.


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The Black Trident’s Aquaman And The Last Kingdom History Explained

Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom reveals that the Black Trident is able to use dark magic and contains the soul of King Kordax. Kordax was trapped in the weapon after he lost a battle against his brother, King Atlan, which also saw Atlan place a curse upon Kordax’s empire, resulting in Necrus becoming eternally frozen. As a result, the Black Trident is immensely powerful, able to inflict catastrophic physical damage on those it’s used against. However, the corrupting nature of the magic within the weapon means the wielder is at great personal risk of corruption.

The Black Trident’s Possible DC Comics History Explained

The Dead King sits frozen with his scepter in a DC comic

The Black Trident isn’t a recreation of one specific weapoon from DC comics, Instead, it draws pieces from several, including the Dead King’s Scepter, which is also stolen by Black Manta in the comics, and Triton’s trident. Moreover, the reveal that the Black Trident is comprised of Orichalcum appears to suggest it’s a version of the trident that Black Manta makes himself in the comics, which is also comprised of the material – though in Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom, David Kane repairs the centuries-broken weapon instead of crafting it himself.

Orichalcum is one of the strongest materials on Earth and outside of it in DC Comics, and this is suggested to also hold true for the DCEU.

Is The Black Trident More Powerful Than Aquaman’s Trident?

Aquaman in his classic organe an green suit weilding his trident in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

It is hard to say exactly how powerful Black Manta’s trident is compared to Aquaman’s, especially given that the final fight of the film concludes with Arthur throwing both at King Kordax to save the day – which implies they’re balanced power-wise but doesn’t conclusively say so. Arthur wields the Trident of Atlan, which gives Arthur his claim to the Atlantean throne and which clearly has strong abilities in combat. With Arthur shattering the trident carried by Orm in Aquaman‘s final fight, the Trident of Atlan is an undeniably powerful weapon in the hands of a skilled Atlantean warrior.


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At the same time, Black Manta is also quite adept in bladed combat, and it’s clear the Black Trident has posed a real threat to Atlantis before. It also possesses far more flashy powers, but given they’re not enough to beat Aquaman in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom – and the Trident of Atlan is shown twice shattering it – it appears the DCEU hero’s weapon is certainly the sturdier choice, even if it perhaps isn’t as magically gifted.

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