In a landmark move to bolster sustainable fashion, the bluesign Denim Initiative has announced its global expansion and the launch of the ‘bluesign Talks Series,’ starting with an inaugural event at Kingpins Amsterdam on April 24, 2024. The bluesign Talks Series aims to encourage dialogue and collaboration and highlight the participating brands’ bluesign Denim products.

The event will dive deep into sustainability topics crucial to the denim industry. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage in discussions on the bluesign Denim Concept, explore the benefits it offers, delve into the Product Carbon Footprint, and gain insights into the innovative Digital Product Passport initiative. The series will also cover compliance strategies in light of the forthcoming EU Regulation. This event offers a unique opportunity to interact with the CEO of the initiative, Daniel Rufenach.

The bluesign Denim Initiative is launching the ‘bluesign Talks Series’ event at Kingpins Amsterdam on April 24, 2024, aimed at promoting sustainable fashion.
Leading denim brands and manufacturers worldwide have joined the initiative to increase the availability of bluesign-approved denim, signalling a shift towards more sustainable practices.

Since its inception in March 2023, the bluesign Denim initiative has secured the involvement of leading denim brands, manufacturers, and materials producers with the collective goal of increasing the availability of bluesign-approved denim, bluesign said in a press release.

The bluesign Denim label, recognised on products worldwide, signals a significant step forward in promoting sustainable and ethical denim production practices. This initiative marks a pivotal shift in the industry towards heightened sustainability, with a presence that spans from production hubs to consumer markets across the globe.

In North America, notable partners include Madewell, Everlane, and Reformation. The initiative’s reach in Europe extends to collaborations with manufacturers such as Pure Denim and ISKO, alongside a robust partnership with European chemical suppliers including Officina 39, Rudolf, Zaitex, Soko Chimica, Dystar, Archroma, and CHT, and the European laundry partner SANKO Tekstil Isletmeleri-Martelli Branch. Asia’s contributions are bolstered by partnerships with Saitex, Advance Denim, Prosperity Textiles, and Indian manufacturer Anubha Industries.

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