• Bulk and Skull briefly became official Power Rangers, gaining unique Zords; fanart now shows their potential Megazord.
  • Bulk and Skull were effective heroes in a gag comic storyline; fanart supports the call for their return as Power Rangers.
  • Current Power Rangers continuity hints at Bulk and Skull’s comeback as Rangers, which could this fanart could become canon.



Many Power Rangers fans may not be aware that the kid-friendly ‘90s bullies, Bulk and Skull, actually became official Power Rangers themselves in one particular storyline, complete with uniquely colored suits and their very own animal Zords. However, their time as Power Rangers was incredibly short-lived, meaning fans never got to see their Zords combine into a Megazord – something that is brilliantly remedied in mind-blowing fanart.

In an Instagram post by user Bulk & Skull Fan Account (handle: underdogsofthegrid) featuring artwork from user Roheemura Art (handle: roheemura_art), Power Rangers fans are shown the Zords Bulk and Skull got when they briefly became Power Rangers. However, the fanart not only depicts these Zords as they were originally introduced, it also gives them an added twist: the fanart combines these Zords into a Megazord for the first time, and the result is epic.

Bulk and Skull became Power Rangers in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Annual 2016 story, titled “Unlucky Heroes”. In it, the original Power Rangers are captured by a whacky villain, so Zordon has to reach out to Bulk and Skull and grant them access to the Morphin Grid in order to save the Rangers. Like all Rangers, Bulk and Skull gained animal Zords after morphing: Bulk got a hog called the Baconadon and Skull got a chicken called the Featherdactyl. And now, fans can finally see how those two unique Zords look combined into one undeniably awesome Megazord.

Now That Fans See Their Potential, MMPR NEEDS to Bring Back the Bulk & Skull Power Rangers

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Annual 2016 “Unlucky Heroes” by Ross Thibodeaux and Rob Guillory

While the storyline in which Bulk and Skull made their debuts as Power Rangers was essentially a gag comic, the two were incredibly effective operatives. They defeated a villain the original Power Rangers could not, they went into their mission with optimistic enthusiasm despite the seemingly insurmountable odds against them, and they have always had the desire to be Power Rangers, which is the push they needed to become great Power Rangers when their time finally came.

Unfortunately, at the end of the story, Bulk and Skull are stripped of their Power Coins, and their memories of being Power Rangers are erased. This reset the continuity, but it also robbed the wider Power Rangers canon of two Rangers ready to put everything on the line in the name of heroism. Now, with this fanart showing what their Megazord could have looked like, it’s becoming clear that Mighty Morphin Power Rangers needs to bring back the Bulk and Skull Rangers with their accompanying Zords. Interestingly enough, it seems MMPR may be on the verge of doing just that.

Power Rangers Admits Bulk & Skull Would Make Excellent Rangers, Teasing Their Return

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #118 by Melissa Flores, Simona Di Gianfelice, and Marco Renna

Jason Lee Scott telling Bulk and Skull they'd make great Power Rangers.

In the current continuity of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Dark Specter threatens all life in the cosmos, making it necessary for a number of lifeforms to seek refuge in an outpost called Promethea – and two of them are Bulk and Skull. The two reformed bullies are joined by former Red Ranger Jason Lee Scott, who sees Bulk and Skull training in the Promethea gym. Jason approaches them and compliments the two on how far they’ve come since he’s known them, saying, “I think you would have made great Power Rangers”. Could this be teasing Bulk and Skull’s Power Rangers return?


“You Would Have Made Great Power Rangers”: The ’90s Bullies Bulk & Skull Are Officially Redeemed in Canon

Bulk and Skull are the iconically hilarious kid-friendly bullies from the ’90s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and now, they’ve been fully redeemed.

While it’s too early to tell whether Bulk and Skull will suit up as Power Rangers once more, fans do know that – if they did – Bulk and Skull would be able to create a truly epic Megazord. And the only reason fans know that is due to this piece of mind-blowing Power Rangers fanart, which understands the true potential of both Bulk and Skull and their unique Zords.

Source: Bulk & Skull Fan Account/Instagram

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