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Overall Health & Wellness: Enhance your daily supplement routine with our Colostrum powder, or Bovine Colostrum powder. Plus, or Colostrum supplement, in powder form, may help promote overall health, wellness & well-being of both men & women!
1500mg per Serving: Elevate your health into high gear with our Bovine Colostrum powder, for any health conscious individual! With a 1500 milligrams per serving, you’ll feel the benefits of this nutritious supplement! Plus, we offer it in different sizes from 100g to 1kg!
Free of Allergens & Contains Dairy: Perfect for those with dietary restrictions, our Colostrum powder is free of gluten, soy & added sugars but not dairy. This supplement is not for individuals with dairy sensitivities.
Mix in any Beverage: Add 1/2 tsp, or 1500 milligrams, of our Colostrum powder into your smoothie, juice, or any recipe for dose of added nutritional boost to your daily routine!
High Quality: Never compromise on quality! Our Colostrum supplement, or Bovine Colostrum powder, is made according to cGMP standards, and each batch is third-party tested multiple times for compliance, standardization, and consistency.

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