Lana shocked the Coachella crowd Friday night by bringing out Camila Cabello for an energy-shifting performance of her hyper pop single “I Luv It.”

“This is my girl. I have so much fun with her. I love this song to death,” Del Rey said after coquettishly repeating the song’s chorus early in her set. “Thank you so much angel for coming to sing with me.”

”This is an honor me, you’re one of my favorite artists of all time. Thank you so much,” Cabello replied.

After riding to the Coachella main stage on the back of a motorcycle shortly after 11:20 p.m., Del Rey performed a slew of hits from Lust for Life‘s “Cherry” to Born to Die‘s “Ride,” along with playing songs from her most recent LP, Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd.

Later in her set, Jon Batiste sat at the piano once again to perform “Candy Necklace,” as Del Rey showed off her pole-dancing skills. She also brought out Jack Antonoff to play piano for “Hope Is a Dangerous Thing,” this time skipping the holographic version of herself. She ended her set with “A&W” and “Young and Beautiful,” skipping “Video Games.”

For her final outfit, Del Rey stunned in a rhinestoned leather jacket with fringe. She also rocked a blinged-out western belt buckle with her name on it, possibly alluding to her upcoming country album, Lasso.

Del Rey departed in queenly fashion, waving from the back of the motorcycle she rode in on. Naturally, her exit came with a dose of high drama: fans sobbing, fireworks bursting, and a ragtime-esque outro from a live jazz band.

After Weekend One, Del Rey shared a lengthy message on Instagram thanking her team. She’d practiced or the show in an L.A. warehouse that was so cold that she caught laryngitis, which she overcame “just a few hours before I hit the stage.”

During the week, fans speculated that Cabello may be the special guest for Del Rey on Weekend Two after Del Rey posted photos of Eilish and Cabello back-to-back on Instagram, seemingly hinting at her guests. “I luv it,” she captioned the post, referring to Cabello’s single of that name. Cabello also shared a selfie at rehearsal last week.

After dropping her single “I Luv It,” Cabello lauded Del Rey’s style of building worlds around her albums. “I love how Lana del Rey or Playboi Carti create worlds and that enriches the music much more,” she told Zane Lowe in March.

Del Rey has been supportive of Cabello’s solo career over the years, commentingWhat the hell… as in it’s so good” after Cabello teased her second album Romance in 2019. Around that time, Del Rey said in a radio interview that she’d want to “get drinks” with Cabello. “She’s so sweet,” Del Rey said. Back in 2013, Cabello’s former girl group Fifth Harmony also shared a cover of Paradise‘s “American.”


Coachella is one of several festival gigs Del Rey has scheduled around the world this year, though the only other U.S. date she has is Hangout Fest in Alabama in May. She’s also preparing her next album, Lasso, a country record that’s expected to arrive in September.

As for Cabello, she’s set to release her album C, XOXO — which was teased on billboards en route to Coachella — later this year.

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