• Carrie Bradshaw’s iconic tutu outfit sets the stage for her daring fashion choices, blending classic and quirky elements effortlessly.
  • The wardrobe in Sex and the City defines key moments and showcases Carrie’s exceptional, unique, and inspiring style throughout the series.
  • Masterfully curated by costume designer Patricia Field, Carrie’s outfits transcend time and trends, inspiring fashion enthusiasts worldwide.



Sex and the City‘s Carrie Bradshaw has become synonymous with fashion, and the stylish protagonist serves as the perfect canvas for showcasing daring and timeless looks throughout the show’s six seasons. Several of these looks stand out as the most memorable in the show’s history, from the iconic tutu featured in the opening sequence to the stunning Versace ball gown and the unforgettable newspaper dress. These outfits, masterfully curated by costume designer Patricia Field, blend high-end designer pieces with vintage finds, creating an eclectic and cohesive aesthetic that continues to inspire fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

The wardrobe worn by Sex and the City’s main characters not only serves as a form of self-expression, but also plays a crucial role in defining key moments throughout the series, making it an integral part of the show’s legacy. Despite some of Sex and the City’s harsh realities that appear upon a rewatch, Carrie Bradshaw’s style remains exceptional, unique, and inspiring. Her outfits transcend time and trends, showcasing the importance of a personal sense of style over blindly following traditional fashion rules, and solidifying Sex and the City‘s place in fashion history.

10 The Tutu

The Intro

Carrie Bradshaw’s iconic tutu outfit, featured in the opening sequence of Sex and the City, has become a cultural touchstone. The whimsical pairing of a pale pink tank top with a tiered tutu and strappy sandals perfectly encapsulates Carrie’s unique fashion sense and the show’s playful, feminine aesthetic. Costume designer Patricia Field’s keen eye for style is evident in this ensemble, which she created using a $5 tutu from a showroom bin.

The outfit’s timeless appeal lies in its ability to blend classic elements with a touch of quirky charm, making it instantly recognizable and fashionable. As the first look that is seen on Carrie, the tutu outfit sets the stage for the character’s daring fashion choices throughout the series. Because of this, this classically feminine look makes it one of the most memorable and influential looks in television history.

9 The Cowboy Outfit

“Twenty-Something Girls vs. Thirty-Something Women” (Season 2, Episode 17)

This daring Hamptons ensemble, featuring a python-print tube top, striped sarong, and a bold red cowboy hat, showcases her unique ability to blend unexpected elements into a cohesive, fashion-forward look. The outfit’s Western-inspired theme, punctuated by the iconic “Carrie” necklace, serves as a striking contrast to the refined, upscale setting of the Hamptons. Carrie’s choice of a cowboy hat, which has recently resurfaced as a trendy accessory following Beyoncé’s newest album, Cowboy Carter, demonstrates her knack for incorporating cutting-edge fashion into her personal style.

Despite the emotional context surrounding this particular scene, where Carrie sees Mr. Big with his new girlfriend, Natasha, the outfit itself is an interesting representation of Carrie and Mr. Big’s relationship, showcasing the mixed-matched energy of their connection. It effortlessly combines prints, textures, and statement pieces to create a look that is both eye-catching and unforgettable. Carrie’s bold fashion choices serve as a form of self-expression, highlighting her confidence and individuality amidst personal turmoil.

8 The Naked Dress

“Secret Sex” (Season 1, Episode 6)

Carrie Bradshaw’s iconic “naked dress” from DKNY, featured in Sex and the City season 1 redefined the concept of a daring first-date outfit. The skimpy slip dress, worn by Carrie for both a promotional photo shoot and her first date with Mr. Big, exudes a sense of confidence and unapologetic sensuality. The minimalist design of the dress allows Carrie’s personality to shine through, emphasizing her boldness and self-assurance.

This look predates the scantily-clad appearances of contemporary celebrities, making it a pioneering fashion choice that proves its timelessness. Carrie’s ability to effortlessly transition the dress from a professional setting to a personal one demonstrates her versatility and inherent sense of style. The “naked dress” has since become a cultural touchstone, inspiring countless fashion enthusiasts to embrace their own daring side and make a statement with their clothing choices.

7 Cropped, Black Long Sleeve Top and Striped Skirt

“Time and Punishment” (Season 4, Episode 7)

This memorable outfit, featuring a cropped black long-sleeve top and a striped skirt from Prada’s Spring/Summer 2001 collection, showcases Carrie Bradshaw’s knack for incorporating high-end designer pieces into her everyday style. The ab-baring top highlights Carrie’s confidence and willingness to take fashion risks. The pairing of the sleek, form-fitting top with the playful, striped skirt creates a balanced and visually engaging look.

Carrie’s fashion statements serve as a form of self-expression, conveying her personality and emotions through her wardrobe choices. Accessorized with a Gucci belt bag and heels, this outfit demonstrates Carrie’s ability to effortlessly mix patterns, textures, and designer labels to create a cohesive and stylish ensemble. The fact that she wore this outfit during a pivotal moment in her relationship with Aidan underscores the importance of fashion in Carrie’s life, as her clothing choices often reflect her emotional state and the significant events she experiences.

6 The Floral Dress

“Cock A Doodle Do!” (Season 3, Episode 18)

Carrie wears this Richard Tyler floral midi dress as an example of her penchant for romantic, feminine silhouettes. The dress’s delicate floral print and flowing, mid-length cut create a timeless and elegant look that perfectly complements Carrie’s whimsical sensibilities. The fact that two versions of the dress were required for filming, due to an impromptu dip in Central Park’s boating pond with Mr. Big, speaks to the garment’s significance within the episode’s narrative.

The dress’s enduring appeal is further evidenced by its inclusion in both a charity sale and Sarah Jessica Parker’s personal archive before being donated to Australia’s Museums Victoria. This recognition from fashion enthusiasts and cultural institutions alike underscores the outfit’s lasting impact and its role in shaping Carrie Bradshaw’s iconic style. The floral midi dress seamlessly blends classic design elements with a touch of modern flair, making it a standout piece in Carrie’s wardrobe.


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5 The White Fringe Dress

“The One” (Season 6, Episode 12)

The white fringe dress that Carrie wore for her first date with Aleksandr Petrovsky in season 6, epitomizes understated elegance. The minimalist silhouette of the dress is enhanced by the delicate fringe detailing, which introduces a dynamic element of movement and texture to the look. Carrie’s decision to wear this particular dress during this monumental moment in her romantic life highlights her deep understanding of fashion’s ability to make a powerful statement and create a lasting impact.

The crisp white hue of the dress radiates an air of freshness and sophistication, seamlessly complementing Carrie’s self-assured presence as she ventures into a new romantic chapter. This fringe dress shows Carrie’s talent for effortlessly incorporating distinctive design elements into her wardrobe while maintaining a timeless and chic aesthetic. The outfit serves as a strong testament to Carrie’s forward-thinking fashion sense and her innate ability to curate pieces that are simultaneously trendy and enduringly stylish.

4 The Little White Dress

“Ex and the City” (Season 2, Episode 18)

The iconic white bias-cut slip dress by Dior, affectionately known as Carrie’s “Revenge Dress,” is a timeless and unforgettable addition to her wardrobe. Worn when Carrie encounters Mr. Big leaving his engagement party, the dress’s simple and elegant design, with its flowing silhouette and delicate fabric, showcases Carrie’s vulnerability while simultaneously highlighting her innate sense of style. The scene, in which Carrie quotes lines from the classic 1973 film The Way We Were, further solidifies the dress’s place in the show’s history, as it becomes inextricably linked to a defining moment in her tumultuous relationship with Mr. Big.

This look’s appeal and its ability to capture the essence of Carrie’s character make it a strong contender for one of her most memorable looks. Its timeless elegance and effortless charm reflect Carrie’s iconic style, leaving a lasting impression. The outfit’s impactful design perfectly embodies Carrie’s personality and adds to the allure of her character.

3 The Versace Gown

“An American Girl in Paris (Part Une)” (Season 6, Episode 19)

In Sex and the City season 6, Carrie Bradshaw’s stunning Versace ball gown takes center stage, despite its brief appearance. The gown’s unique and chic design shines through, even as Carrie ends up wearing it for a nap instead of a night out. The outfit’s reappearance in the reboot series, And Just Like That…, further cements its status as a standout piece in her wardrobe.

The Versace gown’s exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail elevate it above the already impressive ensembles featured throughout the series. Its timeless elegance and luxurious aesthetic make it a perfect fit for Carrie’s fashion-forward sensibilities, while also showcasing her appreciation for high-end designer pieces. The fact that this gown was deemed worthy of a second appearance in the reboot underscores its enduring appeal and its ability to transcend time and trends, solidifying its position as one of Carrie’s most iconic and memorable looks.

2 The Gray BodyCon Dress

“Shortcomings” (Season 2, Episode 15)

In Sex and the City season 2, the charcoal bodycon dress Carrie wore diverges from her usual eclectic style, but it still showcases her talent for making even simple pieces captivating. The form-fitting silhouette accentuates her figure, while the subdued color palette allows her natural beauty and confidence to shine. Carrie’s decision to wear this understated, but impactful dress for both a date and a post-breakup lunch with her closest friends highlights its versatility and ability to suit different occasions.

Despite its minimalist design, the bodycon dress manages to outshine many of Carrie’s more intricate ensembles, proving that sometimes less is indeed more. This outfit’s ranking near the top of the list is a testament to Carrie’s innate fashion sense and her capacity to make a lasting impression with even the most unassuming of garments. It shows Carrie’s ability to effortlessly elevate simple pieces, showcasing her timeless style and fashion prowess.

1 The Newspaper Dress

“What Goes Around Comes Around” (Season 3, Episode 17)

Among Carrie Bradshaw’s vast array of iconic outfits, the John Galliano for Christian Dior newspaper dress reigns supreme. First seen on the runway, worn by model Angie Schmidt in the autumn/winter 2000 show, the dress gained unparalleled popularity when Carrie wore it in the season 3 episode, “What Goes Around Comes Around.” The dress’s reappearance in the second Sex and the City movie only solidified its status as one of the most sought-after and recognizable garments in fashion history.

Galliano’s innovative design, which features newsprint-inspired graphics, perfectly encapsulates Carrie’s bold, eclectic style while also serving as a nod to her profession as a writer. The dress’s enduring appeal lies in its ability to transcend time and trends, remaining a coveted piece for fashion enthusiasts worldwide. Its ranking as the top outfit is indisputable, as it represents the perfect fusion of high fashion and personal expression that defines Carrie Bradshaw’s fashion legacy.

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