• Severide and Kidd’s relationship may have a major revelation in the
    Chicago Fire
    season 12 finale, assuming Severide survives a dangerous case.
  • Plans for Severide and Kidd’s relationship development were put on hold after Taylor Kinney’s leave of absence in season 11, possibly making a return in season 12
  • Rumors of Taylor Kinney leaving One Chicago hint at a possible big relationship update for Severide and Kidd in the finale.



Kelly Severide and Stella Kidd’s relationship may have a breakthrough in the Chicago Fire season 12 finale, showrunner Andrea Newman teases. It has been almost two years since the couple tied the knot in the Chicago Fire season 10 finale. Since then, a lot has already happened in their relationship, including a crisis that almost broke them apart when Severide once again prioritized being a fire cop over anything else. Now, he is back at Firehouse 51, but it doesn’t mean that there won’t be any more changes in their relationship in the near future.

Speaking with TVLine, Newman teases what’s to come for Severide and Kidd in the remaining episodes of Chicago Fire season 12. While careful not to reveal any spoiler information, she teases a possible massive development in their relationship, assuming that Severide survives an upcoming dangerous case. Read her full quote below:

“If Severide can overcome a terrifying crime in [Episode] 1211 and make it to the finale, there could be a major revelation for Kelly and Stella then. And that is all I’ll say on that!”

What Severide And Kidd’s Big Marriage Update May Be About

Before Taylor Kinney’s unexpected leave of absence in the middle of Chicago Fire season 11, One Chicago was planning on continuing the development of Severide and Kidd’s relationship. On the heels of their wedding, the pair went through several crises, including an attack during their honeymoon, that they, thankfully, were able to foil. It was never revealed what those plans were, but it’s possible that they are bringing those unused plots back for Chicago Fire season 12 because Severide is back from his OFI exploits. As a caution, however, it’s worth noting that these changes are not always good news.

Rumors of Kinney leaving One Chicago have been swirling around. Even with his appearances, it seems like they are setting up his departure. Newman references an upcoming case where Severide will once again go missing in Chicago Fire season 12. While it’s unlikely that he will die, it may be the catalyst for his and Kidd’s big relationship update in the finale. There are several possible options for this, including the couple deciding to have a baby. That said, the door is also open for them to choose parting ways, especially since Severide can’t give up being a fire cop.



Chicago Fire Season 12’s Latest Actor Exit Wastes Its Chance To Have A Better Casey And Severide Replacement

One Chicago is used to changing cast, but Chicago Fire season 12 losing its latest character strips it the chance to replace Severide and Casey.

Admittedly, it’s the worst time to lose Severide. Chicago Fire season 12 has been mired with exits, including its latest one with the departure of Rome Flynn’s Derrick Gibson. Losing Kinney, who has been the face of the show, and One Chicago as a whole, would be massive for their future. Considering the trajectory of his character, however, his exit isn’t exactly out of the question.

Chicago Fire season 12 airs every Wednesday, 9pm ET on NBC

Source: TVLine

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