• Will Cory and Taylor tie the knot? The question lingers amid their explosive ups and downs, hinting at underlying commitment concerns.
  • A rocky past haunts Taylor, as Cory acknowledges deep-rooted issues. Their relationship faces trust concerns and a potential proposal.
  • Cory and Taylor’s blended family thrives, showcasing a harmonious bond with daughter Ryder and hopeful steps towards a happy future.



Taylor Selfridge, girlfriend of Teen Mom star Cory Wharton, wants to know when her boyfriend will pop the question. MTV’s Ex on the Beach was the unlikely backdrop for the genesis of Cory and Taylor’s romance. Notorious for its controversial mix of former flames and new connections, the appearance of Cory’s ex, Cheyenne Floyd, didn’t stop the two from developing a deeper connection. Despite the challenges of a public relationship, Cory and Taylor flaunted their love, and their journey took an unexpected turn in April 2020 with their daughter, Mila Mae Wharton’s arrival, ushering in a new chapter of parenthood.

Despite Taylor and Cory welcoming their second daughter, Maya, they remain hesitant to marry, indicating underlying commitment concerns. The Teen Mom OG stars’ relationship has been marked by explosive ups and downs, prompting questions about the strength of their bond. While Cory and Taylor have handled co-parenting excellently, rumors of unresolved conflicts linger. Speculations abound about what’s holding individuals back: prior experiences, personal anxieties, or simply the weight of cultural expectations. Whatever the reason, their hesitation to tie the knot speaks loudly, leaving audiences wondering if love alone can overcome all barriers and walk down the aisle to marital bliss.

Cory And Taylor Have Dated Since 2019

Teen Mom stars Cory Wharton and Taylor Selfridge smile and pose in front of wine barrels.

Cory and Taylor’s romance ignited amid the drama of MTV’s Ex on the Beach inaugural season in 2019. The pair kept in touch once the show ended, and though they spent a few months apart, their relationship remains in a good place. When a follower asked Taylor in an Instagram Q&A why she didn’t have a ring yet, The U.S. Sun reported it appeared to strike a nerve, to which Taylor answered, “This is a really good question,” she said, turning her camera on Cory bouncing around with the girls. “But you should probably ask that guy over there. Him.

Taylor Hinted At Trust Issues In Past Relationships

In the much-anticipated Teen Mom: Family Reunion season 3 trailer, Cory references his relationship with Taylor and admits to “wanting to work on deep-rooted issues.Meanwhile, Taylor reveals her tumultuous romantic history, declaring she’s faced betrayal in “every relationship.” As tension mounts between the couple, glimpses of Cory’s emotional turmoil manifest, notably in a scene where he slams a door in frustration. Within the chaos, a glimmer of hope emerges as the camera captures Taylor in a moment where Cory removes a blindfold from her eyes during a dinner, suggesting a potential proposal and adding suspense to the forthcoming season.

Cory wants ”
to work on deep-rooted issues
” with Taylor in
Teen Mom: Family Reunion


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Cory and Taylor Have a Blended Family

Cory shares his daughter Ryder with ex-girlfriend Cheyenne Floyd, and Taylor is the ultimate stepmom, treating Ryder as one of her own. Cory and Taylor’s Instagram chronicles a harmonious blend, showcasing Ryder alongside her half-siblings Mila and Maya, adorned in matching PJs and cheering at her competitions. From spirited Halloween antics to cozy Christmas festivities, the blended family radiates unity and love. Cory and Taylor’s commitment to co-parenting with Cheyenne exemplifies maturity and respect, breaking stereotypes with their seamless familial bond. Taylor has cemented her place in Cory’s extended family, and an engagement ring would only add to her happiness.


Teen Mom

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Sources: The U.S. Sun, Taylor Selfridge/Instagram, Cory Wharton/Instagram

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