Coyote vs. Acme might still come out after all following the latest cancellation development from Warner Bros. about the Looney Tunes movie.

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  • Recent development suggests
    Coyote vs. Acme
    might still be released despite the movie’s previous cancellation.
  • Warner Bros. received offers below asking price, leading to cancellation after it was initially shelved, but movie’s fate remains uncertain.
  • The movie’s cancellation is not official, meaning it could still be seen by the public in the future.



A new development for Coyote vs. Acme suggests the movie might still come out, the latest development in the film’s supposed cancellation. The Looney Tunes was originally shelved in November 2023, before interest from other studios caused Warner Bros. to begin shopping it to prospective buyers. However, after reportedly not receiving offers that matched their asking price, the movie was cancelled once again, seemingly for good this time.

However, a new report from The New York Times suggests that Coyote vs. Acme‘s cancellation is not yet official, meaning the movie still has a chance of coming out. In the report, an unidentified Warner Bros. spokesperson said claims of a $35-40 million tax saving from canceling the film was “inaccurate.” This included confirmation that a decision on the movie’s fate hasn’t been made yet, meaning there’s still a chance the production will be seen by the public.

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Source: The New York Times

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