Warning! Contains spoilers for Resident Alien season 3, episode 4, “Avian Flu.”




  • Peter Bach’s surprise return in
    Resident Alien
    season 3 sheds light on McCallister’s sinister plan to eradicate all aliens from Earth.
  • Bach, the Alien Tracker, was previously presumed dead but plays a crucial part in the “Darling Project” as McCallister’s ally.
  • Bach will appear throughout
    Resident Alien
    season 3 and come back “with force.”

Resident Alien creator Chris Sheridan explains the reason behind one character’s shocking return in season 3. The series centers on an alien who crash lands on Earth while on a mission to destroy the planet and assumes the identity of Dr. Harry Vanderspeigle (Alan Tudyk). However, by the end of season 2, he experiences a change of heart, and his mission turns into saving Earth from another hostile alien species: The Greys. Season 3 saw him working with General McCallister (Linda Hamilton) on his mission, but her true intentions might surprise him.

In an interview with TVLine, Sheridan addresses the return of Peter Bach (Terry O’Quinn) in Resident Alien season 3 after the character was previously presumed dead. Sheridan confirms Bach will return later in the season and is an important part of McCallister’s “Darling Project.” He also hints that the General has a more sinister plan than she’s letting on, which Vanderspeigle would likely disagree with. Check out Sheridan’s statement below:

[Bach] is part of this Darling Project that McCallister is working on. She’s out to sort of rid the planet of all aliens. And of course, Harry will hear that and be like, ‘Dude, I’m standing right here.’ But that’s her mission and like she says, who better to do it than someone who can see aliens? So she has plans for Peter Bach in this sort of brain-dead state that he’s in. We will see more of him later in the season and he’ll be coming back with a force.

What You Need To Know About Resident Alien’s Peter Bach

Terry O'Quinn as Peter Bach holding a drawing of an alien in Resident Alien

Bach’s return in Resident Alien season 3 was unexpected, given his death in season 2. Bach, better known as the Alien Tracker, was introduced in season 1. Like Max Hawthorne (Judah Prehn), he can see through Vanderspeigle’s disguise to his proper alien form. Additionally, he has spent most of his life involved with aliens, given that when Bach was a young adult, he and his wife’s unborn child were abducted by The Greys. However, The Greys put a tracker in him so they could periodically abduct him and allow him to visit his son, Robert (Paul Piaskowski).

Decades later, Bach became the Alien Tracker and devoted his life to hunting down aliens. In Resident Alien season 1, he runs into Vanderspeigle at one of his alien conventions. Unfortunately, they had a poor first meeting, as Vanderspeigle needed the alien technology found in Bach’s tracker. Hence, he rips out the tracker despite Bach pleading with him not to, as it’s his only connection to his son. In season 2, the pair form a shaky alliance when they help each other infiltrate McCallister’s secret base, as they believe both their children may be at the facility.

Vanderspeigle and Bach do find their children at the facility. However, Bach and Robert’s reunion is short-lived when Bach sacrifices himself by taking a bullet to save his son. He seemingly dies after requesting Vanderspeigle help his son. Now, season 3 has revealed that Bach lived, though he’s in a brain-dead state. The last viewers saw of Robert, he was re-abducted by The Greys. Hence, Bach’s return in Resident Alien season 3 means the reason for The Greys’ interest in the father and son may finally be revealed, and it may somehow be useful to McCallister.

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