• Lewis and David’s hilarious arguments in Curb Your Enthusiasm showcase their brilliant chemistry and comedic talent.
  • Reflecting on Lewis’ best moments in the show is a great way to honor his memory after his passing.
  • From awkward funeral seat disputes to stolen outgoing messages, the top 10 arguments highlight the duo’s unmatched banter.



Richard Lewis and Larry David have some legendary arguments in HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm, making it worthwhile to rank the top 10 of them from worst to best. Curb Your Enthusiasm is one of HBO’s longest running comedies, thanks in large part to the brilliant chemistry between David and Lewis. In honor of Lewis’ memory, who sadly passed away before completing Curb Your Enthusiasm season 12, it’s nice to look back on some of his best moments from the show.

Lewis was undoubtedly one of the best members of Curb Your Enthusiasm‘s cast, and many of the most memorable times he had on the show were arguments with Larry. The chemistry between Larry and Richard has always been incredible, and their improvised banter is second to none. With that in mind, it’s useful to reflect on Lewis’ time on Curb Your Enthusiasm and rank his 10 greatest arguments with Larry from worst to best.


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10 Richard Lewis And Larry David’s Parakeet Argument

Curb Your Enthusiasm season 9, episode 1

In one of Lewis’ best Curb Your Enthusiasm episodes, he becomes incensed with Larry for his lack of sensitivity after the death of Richard’s parakeet, Tim. An argument ensues at a fundraiser when Richard confronts Larry over the joking text he sent after the Parakeet’s death, leading to a classic Richard-Larry showdown. This hilarious encounter is definitely one of the best interactions between the pair, but it’s not quite the sidesplitting, laugh-out-loud type of argument that Lewis and David are prone to, hence the last place ranking.

9 Larry David And Richard Lewis Argue Over A Mantra

Curb Your Enthusiasm season 3, episode 6

In one of Curb Your Enthusiasm‘s best episodes, Richard decides to take up meditation, prompting Larry to tell him the mantra he used back when he tried meditation. Richard accepts it gratefully, until Larry calls to inform him that he’d like his mantra back. This hilarious disagreement perfectly encapsulates Larry’s strange ideas about ownership and fairness, and Richard’s obvious reluctance to give up an intangible object shows why they are so ideally suited to each other.

8 Larry David And Richard Lewis Argue Over How To Break Up With Their Therapist

Curb Your Enthusiasm season 2, episode 5

Another memorable moment between Larry and Richard in Curb Your Enthusiasm is when Larry spots he and Richard’s therapist wearing a thong bathing suit at the beach. Larry immediately tells Richard, and they agree that their therapist’s choice of bathing suit makes it impossible for them to continue seeing him. The argument begins when they try to decide the best way to “break up” with their therapist. The hysterical scenario is what makes this argument so funny, and the chemistry between Larry and Richard here is fantastic.

7 Larry David And Richard Lewis Fight Over A Seat At A Funeral

Curb Your Enthusiasm season 9, episode 4

Larry yells at Richard during a funeral in Curb Your Enthusiasm.

One hilarious argument in Curb Your Enthusiasm that epitomizes Larry’s lack of social decorum happens in season 9, when Larry bribes the usher at a funeral to reserve a seat for him, only to find Richard sitting in his seat anyway. Larry and Richard go on to bicker bitterly over the seat right in the middle of the memorial service. This hilariously awkward debate is one of the most inappropriate arguments Larry and Richard have, which is part of why it’s so funny. Still, there are several Larry-Richard exchanges even funnier than this one.

6 Larry David And Richard Lewis Argue About Confirming Plans

Curb Your Enthusiasm season 8, episode 5

Larry and Richard argue in Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Larry and Richard’s argument in Curb Your Enthusiasm season 8 about whether plans need to be confirmed after initially making them is one of the most relatable debates between on the show. This argument starts because Larry shows up to a lunch he planned with Richard, who fails to appear because Larry never called to confirm their plans. Their characteristic back and forth is in peak form during this hilarious exchange, but it’s the relatability of the argument that makes it one of the best on Curb Your Enthusiasm.

5 Larry David And Richard Lewis Argue Over Who Will Pay For Lunch

Curb Your Enthusiasm season 10, episode 3

Larry and Richard sitting at lunch in Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Another very relatable argument between Larry and Richard in Curb Your Enthusiasm is when they fiercely debate who will pay for lunch in season 10, episode 3. Larry and Richard quickly begin hurling expletives at each other, insisting that neither of them ever lets the other pay. This argument is funny both because it’s relatable and because of how genuinely outraged Larry and Richard are at the idea of the other one paying for lunch. This scene showcases their strange ideas about courtesy, as they cuss each other out over who gets to do something nice for the other.

4 Larry David And Richard Lewis’ Pants Tent Argument

Curb Your Enthusiasm season 1, episode 1

Curb Your Enthusiasm season 1 The Pants Tent

Larry and Richard’s first argument in the Curb Your Enthusiasm series premiere remains one of the funniest arguments to two have ever had on-screen. The argument begins after Larry embarrasses Richard in front of his new girlfriend, causing Richard to come into Larry’s office and start berating him for insensitivity. This hysterical argument sets the tone for many more hilarious moments between Larry and Richard, making it one of the most important ones in the show. Even so, this argument happens before Larry and Richard reach the real peak of their chemistry, so there are a few funnier ones.

3 Larry David “Copies” Richard Lewis’ Outgoing Message

Curb Your Enthusiasm season 2, episode 9

Larry and Richard talking in Larry's office in Curb Your Enthusiasm

Richard and Larry’s argument over the allegedly stolen outgoing message on Larry’s answering machine is easily one of the funniest scenes in Curb Your Enthusiasm. Firstly, the premise of Larry stealing Richard’s outgoing message is so random and ludicrous that it makes the argument funny from the beginning. Secondly, the extreme passion with which they defend themselves over such a trivial issue makes it even funnier, and it sets up a lot of similar arguments in future seasons.

2 Larry David And Richard Lewis’ Bathroom Argument

Curb Your Enthusiasm season 6, episode 4

Larry screaming in a bathroom in Curb Your Enthusiasm.

One of the most classic scenes in Curb Your Enthusiasm and the second-funniest argument between Larry and Richard happens when Larry’s assistant notices he’s been using the bathroom a lot. She shares her concerns with Richard, who suggests Larry may have a colon condition, prompting Larry to challenge him to a “colon contest.” This outlandish argument escalates at a hilarious level, showcasing the best of Larry’s comedic talent and demonstrating once again that despite Richard and Larry’s constant bickering, they care for each other deeply.

1 Larry David And Richard Lewis’ Car Dealership Argument

Curb Your Enthusiasm season 2, episode 1

Richard confronts Larry at a car dealership in Curb Your Enthusiasm

Larry and Richard’s best argument in Curb Your Enthusiasm has to be the car dealership debate. When Larry takes a job as a car salesman in the season 2 premiere, Richard shows up to chew Larry out for telling his manager that he’s high maintenance. Their argument quickly grows out of proportion, resulting in a hilarious public spat that ends up getting Larry fired. This classic scene is the perfect example of the chemistry between Larry David and Richard Lewis that made them so funny in Curb Your Enthusiasm, and it might be the funniest exchange in the show.

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