Price: $6.98
(as of Mar 08, 2024 07:54:20 UTC – Details)

Magnet Details: 2.5″W x 3.5″H
Refrigerator Magnets: A fun and functional addition to any kitchen adding a touch of color and creativity to the surrounding space.
Versatile: Fridge magnets can be used in various places and settings beyond just refrigerators. Their versatile nature allows them to adhere to magnetic boards, metal cabinets, dishwashers, file cabinets, magnetic memo boards, magnetic whiteboards, lockers, office cubicles, toolboxes and magnetic walls.
Collectibles: These retro collectible ice box magnets are a great gift for friends and family who collect magnets as a hobby.
Made in America: Proudly manufactured in the USA. Family owned and operated since 1987.

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