Tyre Speed Limit Rating: If you are a driver, knowing the maximum speed capacity of your vehicle’s tyres is essential for safe driving. However, it has been seen that most people do not know much about tyres, especially the maximum speed capacity. While each tyre has a speed rating marked on its outer surface in letters, people are not aware of the markings.

We all are well aware that a tyre blowout can be fatal at high speed. Overspeeding is one of the major reasons behind tyre blowouts and can be prevented by checking the letter marked on the tyres. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure to drive under the speed capacity of tyres, following the speed limit of the roads.

Each tyre has a specific speed rating mentioned on its outer surface but most people do not know how to read that. The letter L means a maximum speed of 120 km/h, while the letter Y means a maximum speed of 300 km/h.

Speed Rating On Tyres:

— L – Maximum speed 120 km/h

— M – Maximum speed 130 km/h

— N – Maximum speed 140 km/h

— P – Maximum speed 150 km/h

— Q – Maximum speed 160 km/h

— R – Maximum speed 170 km/h

— H – Maximum speed 210 km/h

— V – Maximum speed 240 km/h

— W – Maximum speed 270 km/h

— Y – Maximum speed 300 km/h

Be aware of your tyre’s maximum designed speed capacity and stay safe on the roads. It also benefits you by ensuring a long life and durability of tyres.

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