• Doctor Octopus plans to steal Spider-Boy’s body after his previous attempt with Spider-Man failed.
  • Doc Ock regained memories of being Superior Spider-Man and now targets Peter’s young sidekick.
  • Otto taking over Spider-Boy’s body could have dangerous consequences for the young hero.



One of the worst things Doctor Octopus ever did was stealing the body of Spider-Man. This allowed Otto to act as his own crueler version of Spider-Man and ruined Peter Parker’s reputation. Now, it seems Otto Octavius intends to do something even worse, as he sets his eyes on stealing the body of Peter’s young sidekick, Spider-Boy.

In recent issues of Superior Spider-Man, Otto’s ex-girlfriend Anna Maria has been captured by the new villain Supernova. Doc Ock is forced to ask Spider-Man for help saving her. Ever the hero, Spider-Man agrees, only for Otto to trick him and try to steal Peter’s body once more. While Spider-Man is successful in fighting him off, it seems Otto will just turn his sights to an easier target.

Superior Spider-Man #7 (2024)

Superior Spider-Man Cover #7

Release Date:

May 22, 2024


Dan Slott


Mark Bagley

Cover Artist:

Mark Bagley

Variant Covers:

Humberto Ramos

Five words: Otto Octavius, the Superior Spider-Boy. That’s all you need to know. What? Do you want us to spoil EVERYTHING? Read the book. Superior Spider-Boy?! HOW? Why would we do that? Was this the plan all along?! SHHH! We didn’t even want to tell you THAT much. Hope you’re happy now. Look, JUST READ THE BOOK.

Spider-Man’s new sidekick Spider-Boy is about to go through Peter’s worst moment, as Marvel promises Otto Octavius will steal the young boy’s body and take on the role of the Superior Spider-Boy. But exactly how and why Doctor Octopus does this remains a mystery.


Spider-Man’s Sidekick Spider-Boy Goes Full Horror In Terrifying New Cover Art

A horrifying new cover by Humberto Ramos for Spider-Boy #3 features the monstrous transformation of Bailey Briggs, showing off his arachnid genetics.

The Superior Spider-Boy Will Be Spider-Man’s Next Big Enemy

Superior Spider-Man Variant Cover #7

Spider-Boy is completely immune to Peter’s Spider-Sense, he has a terrifying venom bite, and his Spider-Sense is
stronger than Peter’s.

When Otto Octavius’ body begins dying in 2012’s “Spider-Man: Dying Wish” storyline, he enacts a brutal plan that not only allows him to live, but also takes out his biggest enemy. Otto manages to take over Peter Parker’s body, swapping Peter into Otto’s dying one. Despite Peter’s best efforts, he ends up dying in Otto’s body and Otto goes on to become the Superior Spider-Man. For more than a year, Otto ruins Peter’s reputation and becomes his own kind of hero while he acts as Spider-Man. Eventually, Peter regains control of his body and Otto loses his memories of all of this. But now, Otto is giving this sinister plan a second attempt.

Otto mostly lost his memories of being Superior Spider-Man, but he’s recently regained them. After failing to steal Peter’s body again, it seems he’ll now be focusing on Peter’s young sidekick. This could prove to be immensely dangerous, as Spider-Boy has similar powers to Spider-Man but a few nasty additions. Spider-Boy is completely immune to Peter’s Spider-Sense, he has a terrifying venom bite, and his Spider-Sense is far stronger than Peter’s. All of these things combined with Otto’s genius could make Doctor Octopus even more dangerous than he was in Peter’s body.

Doc Ock’s New Plan Could Spell Doom For Spider-Boy

The Superior Spider-Man

The most concerning thing about Otto taking over Spider-Boy’s body isn’t the destruction he could create, but what will happen to young Bailey Briggs. When Otto took over Peter’s body, he was almost killed entirely, only being able to survive by the barest memory. It’s possible that Bailey will be erased and replaced entirely with Otto’s personality or become trapped in Otto’s adult body. Either situation doesn’t sound good for the young hero, and it’d be a major failure on Spider-Man’s part for failing to prevent Doctor Octopus from becoming the Superior Spider-Boy.

Superior Spider-Man

will be available May 22 from Marvel Comics!

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