• Tyler Perry’s film “Mea Culpa” flopped with critics but was a Netflix hit, setting high expectations for his next movie.
  • “Six Triple Eight” has a promising storyline that appeals to critics, likely to overshadow the failures of “Mea Culpa.”
  • Despite poor reviews, Tyler Perry’s popularity ensures success for his upcoming films on Netflix, with “Madea’s Destination Wedding” also in the works.



Tyler Perry’s latest movie, Mea Culpa, wasn’t well received by critics and became a Rotten Tomatoes disaster, but his next movie has the potential to fix this mess. Tyler Perry is known for his work as both an actor and director, though as the latter he has faced various challenges. After starting his acting career in theater, Perry made his big screen debut in 2005 in Diary of a Mad Black Woman, where he played his most famous character, Madea. Perry’s directorial debut, Madea’s Family Reunion, arrived the following year, and he has since directed various movies.

Perry’s career as a filmmaker has been defined by the Madea film series, where he has continued playing the title character, but he has also explored other genres in his movies. Most recently, Perry explored the genre of legal thrillers with Mea Culpa, released on Netflix. Mea Culpa quickly climbed to Netflix’s Top 10 and held the #1 spot for days, despite not being well received by critics. Mea Culpa destroyed Perry’s most optimistic Rotten Tomatoes streak, but it can be fixed by his next movie, which is already on track to be much better received.

Six Triple Eight Should Have A Much Higher Rotten Tomatoes Score Than Mea Culpa

Kerry Washington addressing her fellow cast members in Six Triple Eight

Mea Culpa
’s Rotten Tomatoes score is messy, but Tyler Perry’s next movie,
Six Triple Eight
, is already looking a lot better.

Mea Culpa follows Mea Harper (Kelly Rowland), a lawyer going through a marital crisis with her husband, Kal Hawthorne (Sean Sagar), which is made worse by his mother, Azalia (Kerry O’Malley), and older brother Ray (Nick Sagar) meddling all the time. When artist Zyair Malloy (Trevante Rhodes) is accused of murdering his girlfriend, he asks Mea to help him, and despite Ray’s efforts to keep her away from the case as he was the District Attorney, Mea takes the case. Soon, Mea finds herself in a complicated situation as she gets closer to Zyair.

At the time of writing, Mea Culpa has a 25% critics score on Rotten Tomatoes and a 36% audience score, with critics describing it as “silly”, Mea being a “stupid” character, and finding a lack of chemistry between Rowland and Rhodes. Mea Culpa’s Rotten Tomatoes score is messy, but Perry’s next movie, Six Triple Eight, is already looking a lot better, thus having bigger chances of fixing this disaster. Six Triple Eight is a war drama based on a 2019 magazine article by Kevin M. Hymel published on WWII History. Six Triple Eight follows the 6888th Central Postal Directory Battalion, an all-black and all-female battalion in World War II.

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Why Tyler Perry’s New Movie Is So Popular Despite Such Bad Rotten Tomatoes Critics & Audience Scores

Tyler Perry’s latest film, Mea Culpa, has been met with poor critical reception yet is still on the top of Netflix’s charts. Here’s why.

Six Triple Eight stars Kerry Washington as Major Charity Adams, alongside Susan Sarandon, Oprah Winfrey, Sam Waterston, Sarah Jeffrey, Ebony Obsidian, and many others. The first looks at Six Triple Eight show a completely different movie from what’s usually expected from Perry, and its story and themes are the kinds that critics usually prefer, giving it a huge advantage over Mea Culpa and bigger chances of getting a higher Rotten Tomatoes score.

Six Triple Eight Will Continue Tyler Perry’s Big 2024 (Regardless Of Reviews)

Director Tyler Perry salutes with Kerry Washington and the rest of the Six Triple Eight cast

Despite Mea Culpa’s terrible critical reception and Rotten Tomatoes’ scores, it was a huge success on Netflix, which is enough to put Tyler Perry at the top. Given Perry’s popularity and the inevitable draw that his movies are for the audience, Six Triple Eight will most likely also be a Netflix hit, regardless of how it’s received by critics. If Six Triple Eight gets a 2024 release date, then it would continue Perry’s big year on streaming.

In addition to these, Perry is also working on a new Madea movie, Madea’s Destination Wedding, also set for a Netflix release. Madea’s Destination Wedding doesn’t have a projected release date yet, but it could still get a late 2024 release. If the new Madea movie comes out this year, 2024 will be a year of streaming success for Tyler Perry, even if critics are still not completely on board with what he has to offer.

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