Dune 2’s sandworms have one clear problem says scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson, who takes the sci-fi blockbuster to task for its grasp of physics.


  • Sandworms in
    Dune 2
    have a physics problem: Neil deGrasse Tyson points out their unrealistic movement.
  • Tyson criticizes the sci-fi blockbuster for inaccurately depicting how sandworms would move on Arrakis.
  • Fremen riding sandworms defies the laws of nature, says Tyson, as worms should curl, not move straight.



Dune 2‘s sandworms have one clear problem says Neil deGrasse Tyson, who questions the sci-fi blockbuster’s physics.

Tyson is known for criticizing science fiction films over their inaccuracies, and now the noted physicist has set his sights on Dune: Part Two, taking the sci-fi blockbuster to task for its depiction of Arrakis’ sandworms and how their movements defy the laws of nature. Check out his remarks below (around 2:50 of the clip via The Late Show With Stephen Colbert):

So, the same people, the Fremen, indigenous sand people, one of the rites of passage is they have to ride the back of the worm. Okay. But it’s a worm just going straight fast. … Have you ever seen a snake chase you as a straight snake? No! They’ve got to curl and they push off the curl. That’s what the curling is.

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