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Taiwan Tourism 3.0

Taiwan’s Tourism Administration has unveiled its latest brand iteration, Taiwan Tourism 3.0, under the tagline “TAIWAN – Waves of Wonder.” Commuters along Chicago’s CTA Blue Line, between O’Hare International Airport and downtown, are in for a treat until August 18. They’ll be immersed in vibrant displays showcasing Taiwan’s diverse attractions and rich cultural history, promising a fresh perspective on Taiwanese tourism.

Introduced in May, Taiwan’s new tourism brand 3.0 features a revamped TAIWAN logo inspired by wave-lines, tinted in an orange hue reminiscent of sunrise. This design symbolizes Taiwan’s breathtaking landscapes—its mountains, oceans, and winding roads. Emphasizing Taiwan’s year-round allure, the concept conveys that Every Season is Tourism Season in Taiwan, ensuring a continuous flow of surprises for global travelers.

In addition to two Taiwan Tourism-themed CTA trains, the collaboration with EVA Air includes two more Blue Line cars adorned with EVA Air branding. Until July 4, 2024, EVA Air celebrates its CTA rail project launch with a special promotion. Using code CHITW24, passengers can book tickets from Chicago to Asia for outbound travel between July 16, 2024, and November 30, 2024. EverFun Holiday complements this with free airport transfers and other enticing offers, encouraging travelers to explore Taiwan during this promotional period.

“Chicago has direct flights to Taiwan 7 days a week, operated by EVA Air. Meanwhile, Taiwan’s high-speed rail, round-island rail services, Taiwan Tour Bus, and Taiwan Tourist Shuttle all offer various discounts, making travel within Taiwan incredibly convenient,” says Jingzhen Chuang, Director of the Taiwan Tourism Administration’s New York Office.

“Free half-day tours are offered for layover passengers stopping in Taiwan,” adds Chuang. “Not only does Taiwan boast abundant natural beauty and diverse cultural experiences, the island offers exquisite cuisines ranging from Michelin-recommended restaurants to renowned night market snacks, a safe environment and welcoming locals. International travelers are warmly invited to explore Taiwan’s stunning scenery, delectable cuisine, and vibrant culture!”

Director General Dennis Lei of TECO in Chicago underscored the vibrant democracy, economic prosperity, and rich cultural life shared between Taiwan and Chicago. He expressed optimism that the decorated train cars would enhance Taiwan’s tourism profile, showcasing Taiwan as a convenient hub for travel within Asia.

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