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  • Fallout season 1 ends with connections to New Vegas, setting up a mysterious plot involving Vault-Tec and Hank’s escape.
  • New Vegas plays a major role in Fallout’s vast Wasteland, with the location hosting a territory war in the game Fallout: New Vegas.
  • Fallout season 2 will likely explore Hank’s ties to New Vegas, hinting at Vault-Tec’s presence and faction control.

Prime Video’s Fallout season 1 ends with a massive connection to New Vegas, a city from one of the video games in the franchise. By the time of Fallout season 1’s ending, the show’s mysterious plot unfolds. Characters like Walton Goggins’ Fallout Ghoul and Ella Purnell’s Lucy uncover a vast conspiracy centered around the company Vault-Tec. On the other hand, Maximus – played by Aaron Moten in the Fallout show’s ensemble cast – becomes a knight of the Brotherhood of Steel.


Fallout Cast & Character Guide

The wasteland of Fallout is a huge world, and there’s an equally huge cast of unique characters to fill it and give it an offbeat charm.

Concerning Lucy’s story, her life-changing discoveries revolved around her father, Hank. At the end of the season, Hank escapes The Ghoul and Lucy, setting up a continuation of his character and Vault-Tec’s plans for Fallout season 2’s story. While the promise of Hank’s story being further explored alone is compelling enough, the location he escapes to will surely further excite those familiar with the Fallout video games. The final shot of Fallout season 1 is Hank arriving at New Vegas, a city with major connections to the original games.

All eight episodes of Fallout season 1 are now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

New Vegas Is The Post-Apocalyptic Las Vegas Location In Fallout’s Wasteland

Like Filly, Shady Sands, and Junktown, New Vegas is a major location in Fallout’s vast Wasteland.

The landscape of New Vegas from Fallout season 1's ending

Concerning what New Vegas is, it is one of the more iconic locations in Fallout‘s Wasteland. For the most part, only the west and east coasts of the United States have been explored at length in the Fallout games. Fallout, Fallout 2, and Fallout: New Vegas are the three games in the series that take place in or around California, much like Prime Video’s Fallout TV show does. Maintaining continuity with the timeline of the Fallout games, the TV show does a good job of fleshing out the areas of post-nuclear apocalypse California, also known as the New California Republic.

New Vegas’ location consists of the recolonized ruins of Las Vegas and the surrounding areas of the Mojave Desert.

New Vegas is one of the primary strongholds of post-war California, and was shown in Fallout: New Vegas to be the subject of a territory war between the New California Republic and several other factions. As evident by its name, New Vegas’ location consists of the recolonized ruins of Las Vegas and the surrounding areas of the Mojave Desert. This is highlighted in the Fallout TV show by the barren stretches of land surrounding New Vegas in the final shot of the series.

Fallout Season 1’s Recurring Characters


Lucy MacLean

Ella Purnell

The Ghoul/Cooper Howard

Walton Goggins


Aaron Moten

Hank MacLean

Kyle MacLachlan


Sarita Choudhury

Norm MacLean

Moisés Arias

Dr. Wilzig

Michael Emerson

Betty Pearson

Leslie Uggams

New Vegas’ History In The Fallout Games Explained

The Fallout games present New Vegas as a major part of the western Wasteland.

A Desert Ranger from Fallout: New Vegas posing with a pistol in his hand as he stares out with the sign of the city behind him and the game's logo on the image's left-hand side.

New Vegas became the center of a power struggle between three factions: House’s army known collectively as the Three Families, the New California Republic, and a Roman-inspired group named Caeser’s Legion.

New Vegas’ history in the Fallout video game series is fairly expansive, beginning with a man named Robert House from before the Great War shown at the start of Fallout season 1. House sensed that a nuclear war was coming between China and the United States, and began safeguarding his hometown, Las Vegas, against a nuclear holocaust. When the war broke out, House needed only a device called the Platinum Chip to upgrade the town’s defenses enough that the major city would remain relatively unscathed.

However, the delivery of the Platinum Chip was late, and Las Vegas was stuck by nuclear warheads. House’s defenses allowed some of the city to withstand the attack, but he fell into a decades-long coma. Centuries later, House made his move to retake the raider-ridden city of Las Vegas and formed New Vegas. Eventually, New Vegas became the center of a power struggle between three factions: House’s army known collectively as the Three Families, the New California Republic, and a Roman-inspired group named Caeser’s Legion.

This power struggle serves as the basis of the game Fallout: New Vegas, with the player character choosing which side to take in the conflict.

Why New Vegas Will Be So Important In Fallout Season 2

Interestingly, it is difficult to say exactly how New Vegas will be important to Fallout season 2. The primary reason why is due to the Fallout TV show’s timeline. Prime Video’s story takes place almost 20 years after Fallout: New Vegas, a game that has an unclear ending given the many possible outcomes. As such, Prime Video will likely need to make a decision surrounding the state of New Vegas, and which faction controls it, for Fallout season 2. What is even more interesting, is that Fallout season 1 implies Vault-Tec has a major presence in New Vegas.

Lucy’s father, Hank, traveled to New Vegas shortly after escaping the Griffith Observatory. This escape was paired with The Ghoul stating that Hank must answer to someone. Therefore, it can be inferred that whoever Hank works for has a big presence in New Vegas, proving that the city will be important to the story of a continuation. Although, the state of the city’s infrastructure will need to be answered in Fallout season 2, specifically how it connects to Fallout: New Vegas, potentially providing the show with its biggest game link yet.

Fallout TV Show Poster Showing Lucy, CX404, Ghoul, and Maximus in Front of an Explosion with Flying Bottle Caps


Based on the video game franchise of the same name, Fallout is a drama series set in post-apocalyptic Los Angeles. The series follows the survivors of the human race in an alternate 1950s timeline, where nuclear war laid waste to the Earth, spawning large irradiated areas and mutated humans who now roam the planet.

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