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Experience seamless and rewarding private travel with FlyUSA. Introducing the Ascend Club, our enhanced membership program that offers exclusive benefits, including an unmatched 2% cash-back rebate for loyal customers. With unrestricted global access and a fleet of FAA-Certified aircraft, FlyUSA ensures personalized travel to any destination, on any aircraft size. Ascend Club members enjoy a superior private aviation experience, coupled with rewarding perks that elevate every journey with FlyUSA.

FlyUSA Ascend Club members enjoy the following benefits:

  1. A prominent 2% cash-back rebate.
  2. A $1,000 discount per flight at the time of booking.
  3. Access to a dedicated Ascend Club Travel Advisor.
  4. Guaranteed availability and recoveries.
  5. Priority booking privileges on peak travel days.
  6. Up to an extra $250 in perks per flight.

“Our company and operations are growing. Our objective was to craft a membership program with distinct benefits that demonstrates that we understand our clients and what is important to them,” says Barry Shevlin, Co-Founder and CEO of FlyUSA. “A key differentiator is the 2% cash back that rewards customers for being loyal. While other programs keep clients at various tiers based on the size of their deposit, our program pays clients back. This is a unique approach, and the response to date has been overwhelmingly positive.”

The program has been enhanced by consolidating membership levels into two tiers: Ascend Gold and Ascend Platinum. Ascend Platinum, the premium tier requiring a fully refundable deposit, guarantees a shorter callout time frame of 72 hours.
FlyUSA is committed to providing responsive, personalized, and hassle-free private aviation solutions. Since its inception in 2020, FlyUSA has achieved remarkable growth, with revenue increasing by 40% year-over-year. Moreover, the company has significantly expanded its business lines and now manages a fleet of 20 aircraft.

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