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【Highly Cost-Effective Under Cabinet Lights】We have enhanced the lighting brightness, increased the battery capacity for longer illumination, and added a manual sweep function for hands-free switching without the need for button pressing. With these improvements, our LED cabinet lights are the perfect solution for your cabinet/closet/pantry/stairs lighting needs.
【Charge Once, Use for 2 Months】Equipped with powerful 2500mAh rechargeable battery, You can use them continuously for about 2 months in the motion sensor mode(Activated 10 times per day). In constant lighting mode, they can be used for 10 hours. With a quick 3-hour charging time, these night lights are ready to use right out of the box, providing you with long-lasting and convenient lighting solutions.
【Brighter LED Lamps】Our under counter lights feature the latest LED lamp beads and an updated production process, resulting in a professional-grade brightness value of 220lm – significantly higher than other lamps on the market that typically only offer 80-100lm. With this superior brightness, our lights are capable of illuminating every corner of your space, ensuring that you never have to worry about inadequate lighting.
【2 AUTO Modes Available】We have designed two motion sensor sensitivity modes. The AUTO1 mode is more sensitive and will detect motion in low light conditions such as in the early morning or evening, automatically turning on the lights. The AUTO2 mode is more energy-efficient, and the lights will only turn on in darker conditions at night. Before use, please select the mode that best suits your needs.
【Built in Sweep Sensor, No Need to Look for a Switch】In “ON” mode, simply wave your hand 0.4in-3in above the sensor to effortlessly turn on/off the light. Say goodbye to searching for the switch and enjoy the convenience of hands-free control. Upgrade your home with this innovative indoor motion sensor light today!

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