New Delhi: Private sector lender HDFC Bank will from tomorrow (Tuesday, June 25), stop sending SMS alerts for UPI transactions up to Rs 100. 

The bank had in an email to customers previously said that from June 25, SMS notifications will be pushed only for transactions above Rs 100 for money sent/paid and above Rs 500 for money received). However, customers will continue to get email alerts for all UPI transactions, irrespective of the amount.

To register for SMS and email InstaAlerts:


Login to NetBanking

Click on InstaAlerts on the top banner and follow the instructions.

Mobile App:

Login to Mobile App —> App Store or Play Store

Go to Menu

Select Your Profile

Click on Manage Alerts

Consequently you can also Deactivate Insta Alerts by following the below mentioned steps

1. Log in to NetBanking with your Customer Identification Number and NetBanking Password

2. Click on “Insta Alerts” on the top right hand corner of the page.

3. Select the account number for which you wish to de register the alerts.

4. Select the type of alerts and click on delete.

5. Once the alerts are selected click on confirm. the alerts will be De registered for the same.

HDFC Bank said, you need to tick the alerts you want to receive on the InstaAlerts application form. You will then only receive the alerts you have chosen.

Furthermore, you can get Insta Alerts for multiple accounts. You have to enter the account numbers in the application form and select the alerts you want for the account numbers.

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