Amar Singh Chamkila: He Foreshadowed His Own Death, Saw His Wife Being Shot In Front Of His Own Eyes

Amar Singh Chamika and his wife, Amarjot, were shot dead in the village of Mehsampur in Punjab in March 1988. Chamika, whose songs still influence the people of Punjab, left for the heavenly abode at the mere age of 27. He was a controversial singer, and his songs were considered provocative. His sudden rise attracted a lot of enemies, and he became a target of people’s envy. The singer and his contribution to Punjabi singing has been revived by Imtiaz Ali’s directorial, Amar Singh Chamika, which was released on Netflix. The biopic features Diljit Dosanjh as ‘Amar Singh Chamkila’ while Parineeti Chopra plays his wife, ‘Amarjot’

Amar Singh Chamika foreseen his own death 

In an old interview with Noble TV Canada, Amar Singh Chamika’s dholak player, Lal Chand, recalled the horrific day of his assassination. He was present with the singer, Amar Singh Chamika and his wife, Amarjot as they had a show together. Lal Chand revealed that they had met around lunchtime in the singer’s office. He added that this was the same day when Chamika asked them not to worry about death threats and knew if someone wanted to kill him, they would do it. He said: 

“We all got to the office around lunchtime. Chamkila arrived, and we hung out for about 10 minutes before heading to the show. Right before we left, Chamkila told everyone not to worry (about the death threats). He said, ‘I sing the songs, not you. Jis goli pe mera naam likheya hoga, o mere te vajni hi vajni aa (The bullet that has my name written on it will strike only me).”

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Meet Amar Singh Chamkila's First Wife, Gurmail, Who Lived In The Shadows Of His Second Wife, Amarjot

Lal Singh further recalled that on the way to the show, they saw the posters of the film, Patola. The singer Chamika was part of the film and told them they would watch the film together after the show. However, the day never came. He said:

“On our way to Mehsampur, we saw posters of the film Patola. I pointed them out to him. Chamkila was a part of that film, and he said that after the show, we’d all go to watch it together. But that time never came. Before the show, we decided to eat.”

Lal Chand further recalled that the moment they reached the destination, the shooting began on them. Everyone had exited the car, including Chamika and Amarjot on the Dholak player was inside the car. Lal Chand stated that he saw from the corner of his eye a man pull a machine gun, and stated open firing. He tried to find cover, and at that moment, Amarjot was hit by the bullet as she was just about to step out of the car.

Lal Chand further revealed that those men were swearing at Chamika as they shot him in the back. However, before being hit, he looked at his wife, Amarjot and noticed blood on her. Recalling Chamika’s last words to his wife, Lal Chand revealed: 

“I could hear them swearing at Chamkila while they were shooting. They shot him in the back, but before being hit, he looked at Amarjot and noticed the blood coming out of her. He asked, ‘Babbi, tenu ki hoya (Babbi, what happened to you)?’ I never knew before then that this is what Chamkila called Amarjot.”

Well, Chamkila knew about the growing rivalry towards him, and in the process, he had overseen his own death but never knew his wife would also become the target of the same. 

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