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100% ORGANIC MILK – USDA Certified Whole Milk Organic. Powdered milk with rich delicious flavor Kosher, Gluten Free, Non-GMO and free from additives. Powdered Whole Milk with no added sugar or dyes. Whole milk powder organic, made with only Organic Milk Whole Solids.
EASY TO USE – Reconstitutes easily to liquid by mixing ¼ cup to one cup organic milk powder with warm water. Makes delicious whole milk that can be refrigerated to your desired temp, or is an excellent dry milk powder for baking.
CONVENIENT & LONG LASTING – Dried milk powder packaged in a resealable bag, shelf stable whole milk that lasts over 50x longer than liquid varieties. Dehydrated milk is a great survival food and powdered milk long term storage friendly. While it stores well, our powdered milk organic is great fresh or as a long term shelf milk.
CREAMY & DELICIOUS – Dry whole milk powder packed with vitamins. This whole powdered milk reconstitutes with warm water and goes from an organic dry milk to delicious and smooth. Milk powder for adult or kids, that transforms from a whole milk powder organic to a creamy smooth liquid.
PERFECT FOR ANYTHING – Great for baking biscuits, muffins or bread, sauces, cheeses or soups. Our USDA Certified Organic whole milk is sourced from 100% organic dairy farms that allow open access to organic grass pasture grazing

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