To Ascend Sparkle in Honkai: Star Rail and level up all of her abilities, also known as traces, you will need to farm several materials, many of which were introduced with Version 2.0’s Penacony. In Version 2.0, the Astral Express crew is invited by the rulers of the Land of Dreams to attend the Charmony Festival. In the new destination, Sparkle is introduced. The 5-star unit was also added as a playable character during the Phase 2 banners of Honkai: Star Rail 2.0. Sparkle is a support hero who follows the Path of the Harmony, thus making her a buffer.



In combat, Sparkle uses the Quantum element. Her most notable ability is to increase the team’s maximum Skill Points and restore them during the fight. This will make her a valuable asset for comps that consume a lot of Skill Points, such as those that have Dan Heng – Imbibitor Lunae within them. Misha, whose damage increases with the party’s Skill Point consumption, could also benefit from having Sparkle around. Before being able to unlock her full potential and have her supply the team with Skill Points, however, you will need to Ascend and level Sparkle in Honkai: Star Rail.


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Ascension Materials To Farm For Sparkle In Honkai: Star Rail

The Ascension materials used by Sparkle were all introduced with Version 2.0 and, because of this, could not be farmed before the release of the update itself. Because Sparkle arrived in Phase 2, however, it was possible to pre-farm some of the materials. Tatters of Thought, Fragments of Impression, and Shards of Desires compose the first item family needed. These items can be obtained by defeating certain Penacony enemies in Honkai: Star Rail, like the Memory Zone Meme creatures or the Sombrous Sepulcher. A surplus of these materials should be farmed, as they are also utilized in Sparkle’s Trace-leveling process.

As you Ascend Sparkle, she will stop needing lower-quality items and start requiring higher-grade materials. Use the Synthesizer to transform Tatters into Fragments and Fragments into Shards.

The other material needed for Sparkle’s character Ascension is called Dream Flamer. This is an Ascension item that is exclusive to Quantum characters in the game. Dream Flamer can be farmed in the Stagnant Shadow: Dream’s Edge activity, which can be found in Penacony. Not too many are required for Sparkle’s complete Ascension process, but being locked behind a Stagnant Shadow, it may take a while to farm all the Dream Flamers that are needed. This is because of Honkai: Star Rail’s daily limit on Trailblaze Power, the resource used to claim rewards from Stagnant Shadows.

The table below lists everything that you will need to unlock all of Sparkle’s level thresholds and the rewards you get for specific Ascensions:

Sparkle Ascension Materials & Rewards In Honkai: Star Rail

Level Ascension



Level 20 Ascension

  • 5x Tatters of Thought
  • 4,000x Credits

Level 30 Ascension

  • 10x Tatters of Thought
  • 8,000x Credits

Level 40 Ascension

  • 6x Fragments of Impression
  • 3x Dream Flamer
  • 16,000x Credits

Level 50 Ascension

  • 9x Fragments of Impression
  • 7x Dream Flamer
  • 40,000x Credits

Level 60 Ascension

  • 6x Shards of Desires
  • 20x Dream Flamer
  • 80,000x Credits

Level 70 Ascension

  • 9x Shards of Desires
  • 35x Dream Flamer
  • 160,000x Credits

Total Materials

  • 15x Tatters of Thought
  • 15x Fragments of Impression
  • 15x Shards of Desires
  • 65x Dream Flamer
  • 308,000x Credits

On top of the materials per si, you will also need to use Credits to unlock Sparkle’s Ascension thresholds. This process alone will cost you 308,000 Credits, in addition to the extra 580,100 Credits consumed when you use Character EXP Materials to level up the character. Fewer Credits may be used if you choose to level Sparkle up through combat. Nevertheless, you can resupply on Credits through any Calyx (Golden): Bud of Treasures activity. Honkai: Star Rail 2.0 increased the number of Buds of Treasure, so you have more destinations to choose from when farming materials.


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Materials For Sparkle’s Traces (Abilities) In Honkai: Star Rail

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The most expensive part of maxing out Sparkle is leveling up her Traces. A lot more resources and Credits will be used in this process than in her Ascension. The first materials to farm are Tatters of Thought, Fragments of Impression, and Shards of Desires, as was previously mentioned. To get everything you need, you may have to eliminate all the creatures that drop these items on Penacony multiple times, in addition to facing some in the Simulated Universe. As a new material in Honkai: Star Rail 2.0, do not be alarmed if you take a while to get it.

The next step is to farm a new Harmony-exclusive family of items composed of Firmament Note, Celestial Section, and Heavenly Melody. These Trace materials for Sparkle can be farmed in the Calyx (Crimson): Bud of Harmony located in the Reverie (Dreamscape), in Penacony. The previous Harmony materials, such as Stellaris Symphony, are of no use for Sparkle. As an item family of varying rarities, you are encouraged to use the Synthesizer in order to meet the demands set by Sparkle’s Traces in Honkai: Star Rail.


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The table below lists all the materials you will need and their specific quantities if you intend on getting all of Sparkle’s abilities to their maximum level and unlocking all the nodes in her skill tree:

Sparkle Trace Materials In Honkai: Star Rail

Tatters of Thought

Fragments of Impression

Shards of Desires

Firmament Note

Celestial Section

Heavenly Melody

Past Evils of the Borehole Planet Disaster

Tracks of Destiny


For higher leveled Traces, Sparkle will start requiring two special items: Past Evils of the Borehole Planet Disaster and Tracks of Destiny. The former can be farmed in the Echo of War: Borehole Planet’s Old Crater activity, which is unlocked after completing the “When the Stars of Ingenuity Shine” in Herta Space Station’s Seclusion Zone map. The latter can be obtained weekly in the Simulated Universe, as well as monthly in the Embers Exchange Store.

You can also get Tracks of Destiny in
Honkai: Star Rail
by participating in some limited-time events that feature it as a prize.


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The process of Ascending Sparkle and leveling her abilities is very straightforward but, considering a few Trailblaze Power limitations, weekly boss limits, and the impossibility of pre-farming most of her materials before the release of Version 2.0, it could take a while. Nevertheless, it is a good idea to max out Sparkle in Honkai: Star Rail, as she can be a valuable support unit for several types of team comps, especially those focused on consuming Skill Points.

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