• “Code 8” features Robbie and Stephen Amell, cousins in real life, as characters with superpowers in a sci-fi film.
  • The Amell cousins started working on “Code 8” as a short film before turning it into a successful feature.
  • An Arrowverse crossover event allowed Robbie and Stephen Amell to act together before “Code 8.”



Code 8 features Robbie and Stephen Amell in the leading roles (which they reprise as a part of the Code 8: Part II cast), and although their characters aren’t related in Code 8‘s story, they share a familial connection in real life. Netflix’s science fiction action film chronicles an alternate reality where people with superpowers who were once celebrated are now targeted by law enforcement and marginalized. Robbie Amell’s character, Connor, has electrokinetic abilities, while Stephen Amell’s character, Garrett, is telekinetic and part of a crime syndicate. Connor and Garrett meet when Connor needs money to pay for his sick mother’s treatment.

Robbie and Stephen Amell began working on Code 8 several years before it premiered on Netflix when they shot and released a short film of the same name in 2016. They intended to use the teaser to support a marketing campaign to raise money to turn it into a feature-length movie, and the Amells were ultimately successful. The science fiction action film debuted on streaming in 2019 and received positive reviews, resulting in Netflix ordering a sequel, which premiered in 2024. Robbie and Stephen Amell evidently like working together, which isn’t surprising since they are related.

Code 8 Actors Stephen & Robbie Amell Are Cousins In Real Life

Code 8‘s Robbie and Stephen Amell are cousins — their fathers (Rob and Thomas Amell, respectively) are brothers, making the two actors first cousins. They grew up in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, together and were closer when they were younger. They reconnected as adults when Stephen moved to Los Angeles, where Robbie was already living. Stephen is seven years older than Robbie, and according to an interview they did with Entertainment Weekly, their age difference made it difficult for them to connect at specific parts of their young lives. However, their career paths helped them get closer as adults.

An Arrowverse crossover event allowed Robbie and Stephen Amell to act together in 2014.

The Amell cousins attained stardom in Hollywood via their separate notable roles (Stephen played Oliver Queen in the CW series Arrow for eight seasons, and Robbie portrayed the male lead in the romantic comedy The DUFF). Their notoriety aided their ability to work together on their own project, Code 8. However, the Netflix science fiction action film series wasn’t the first time Robbie and Stephen Amell shared the screen.


Where Were The Code 8 Movies Filmed?

Code 8 centers around marginalized individuals with special abilities and both movies in the science fiction action series were shot in one location.

Code 8 Fulfilled A Long-Awaited Amell Cousin Collaboration After The Arrowverse

Stephen Amell starred as Oliver Queen in Arrow for eight seasons, and the CW superhero series kick-started the Arrowverse on the network. Following the success of Amell’s show, the CW ordered a spin-off, The Flash, and its first season premiered concurrently with Arrow season 3. Robbie Amell was cast as Ronnie Raymond in The Flash, and as a recurring character, Amell appeared in 13 episodes throughout the show’s nine seasons. Although the cousins were on two different series, an Arrowverse crossover event allowed Robbie and Stephen Amell to act together in 2014.

Robbie and Stephen Amell have teased the possibility of a third
Code 8
movie, but Netflix has yet to confirm a second sequel.

Robbie and Stephen Amell appeared in The Flash season 1, episode 8, “Flash vs. Arrow.” Their characters didn’t share many scenes since Oliver and Ronnie’s connections didn’t run deep, but it was still exciting to see the cousins share the screen for the first time. Five years later, Robbie and Stephen Amell got to work more closely together in Code 8 and again in its sequel.

Code 8

Code 8 centers on Connor Reed, a young construction worker who becomes deeply involved with a group of criminals after receiving superpowers to help his sick mother. Robbie Amell stars in the action sci-fi film directed by Jeff Chan alongside Kari Matchett, Penny Eizenga, Lawrence Bayne, and Jai Jai Jones.

Jeff Chan

Release Date
December 6, 2019

Chris Pare , Jeff Chan

Lawrence Bayne , Stephen Amell , Shaun Benson , Penny Eizenga , Laysla De Oliveira , Robbie Amell , Alex Mallari Jr. , Kari Matchett , Martin Roach , Aaron Abrams , Jai Jai Jones , Sung Kang

100 minutes

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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