• Max Thieriot promises a crazy, heart-wrenching finale for
    Fire Country
    season 2 with surprising twists.
  • He teases that it will have a different feeling than the season 1 finale did.
  • The season 2 finale could set up future story arcs for season 3 of
    Fire Country



The Fire Country season 2 finale will mark a noticeable departure from season 1’s finale, according to creator and star Max Thieriot. Debuting on CBS in 2022, Fire Country was created by Tony Phelan, Joan Rater, and Thieriot, who also stars as Bode and executive produces the show. Following a successful 22-episode first season, Fire Country season 2 has continued to go from strength to strength, even with a noticeably shorter episode count. Episode 10 will be the finale.

In an interview with TV Insider, Thieriot revealed that his plans for the season 2 finale of Fire Country will be markedly different from the season 1 finale. He spoke about how this season will end in a way that many will not expect, and that it will make for a more exciting and fulfilling conclusion. Check out Thieirot’s full comments regarding the Fire Country season 2 finale below:

The finale ends crazy. I know last year was crazy. Now, starting with Season 2 Episode 8, we really start building this arc for a lot of these characters to where they end up landing in Episode 10. And so I think it’s really fun to be able to follow that from [Episodes] 8, 9, and 10 and sort of try and predict where things are going to end up. Because I think maybe some people will guess some things, but there’s certainly things that people are not going to guess.

Episode 10, I think, will be really exciting and fulfilling. But I think it’s also an episode that is pretty heart-wrenching and there’s a little bit of devastation as well. It really is kind of filled with everything. But I think last year, where people were pissed in a weird way, this one won’t have that piece, but it will have people feeling fulfilled, excited, but also devastated at other things. I think those are probably the emotions that people are going to go through.

What Could The Fire Country Season 2 Finale Have In Store?

Fire Country Could Start Setting Up Season 3

It feels like season 2 is going to end on a note that will be longer lasting and will have greater ramifications for the future, and this has already been hinted at with
Fire Country
season 2 episode 5’s major character death.

Fire Country seems to have grown and matured during its second season run, and a truncated episode count has allowed Thieriot and the writing team to tell tighter and more streamlined stories while gaining a greater understanding of the characters. With Fire Country season 3 recently confirmed, it feels likely that the season 2 finale will feed into the overall future narrative of the show and set up story arcs for season 3, while also satisfying plot points that have come before.

The Fire Country season 1 finale ended with a twist, with Bode taking the rap for drugs at Three Rocks, but he was out by the time of the season 2 premiere. It feels like season 2 is going to end on a note that will be longer lasting and will have greater ramifications for the future, and this has already been hinted at with Fire Country season 2 episode 5’s major character death. There could be more along the way, which would support Thieriot’s “devastation” comments.

There are a number of directions Fire Country season 2 could go with its finale, and it could be that, rather than a cliffhanger, the episode ends on a more conclusive note that still sets up the next season. With Bode facing several trials this season, including Cara’s death and the truth about Genevieve’s paternity, he might receive a more peaceful end after the final twists and turns. While it is clear Thieriot is going to stay tight-lipped regarding the Fire Country season 2 finale, this finale could be a game-changer for the rest of the series.

Fire Country
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Source: TV Insider

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Max Thieriot , Tony Phelan , Joan Rater

Max Thieriot , Tony Phelan , Joan Rater

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