One of the most divisive moments in Baldur’s Gate 3 is saving Isobel and beating Marcus in the Last Light Inn. You will encounter this conundrum in Act 2 while making your way through the Shadow-Cursed lands. At some point, you will come across a pivotal moment where you will need to make a crucial decision.



[Warning: The following article contains spoilers for Baldur’s Gate 3.]Isobel is half-elf that you can find on the upper level of the Last Light Inn. She is a follower of the goddess Selûne, the Moon Maiden. It is the powers granted to her by the deity that she maintains a powerful light ward around the area of the Last Light Inn in BG3, keeping the Shadow-Curse at bay and, thus, protecting everyone inside its radius, including the Tiefling refugees. However, not everyone wants her to stay there, as you will soon see that the Fist Marcus comes to take her away to Ketheric Thorm, the oppressive ruler of the Shadow-Cursed Lands and Isobel’s father.

How To Start a Fight With Marcus

Isobel and Marcus, a cleric and knight from Baldur's Gate 3.

If you want to save Isobek, you will need to start a fight with Fist Marcus. You can start by talking to Dammon, Jaheira, Mol, and Raphael. This is to ensure both their safety and that you will have access to all the optional pieces of dialogue present there. Once all this is done, you must proceed to the upper floor and head to the balcony, where Isobel recites a magic spell.


One Small Baldur’s Gate 3 Decision Makes The Battle At Last Light Inn So Much Easier

The battle at Last Light Inn can be a challenging obstacle in Act 2 of Baldur’s Gate 3, but it’s possible to smooth things over with one choice.

Before talking to her, you should save the game, as this will trigger a fight. Having the save as a backup will allow you to return to the moment before the battle if things do not go as planned.

After talking to her for a while, the dialogue is cut short as the Fist Marcus, with his newly granted wings, descends into the Last Light Inn, demanding that Isobel be returned to Ketheric. This is where you will be forced to choose between siding with Isobel or Marcus in Baldur’s Gate 3. Siding with Marcus will put the entire Last Light Inn at risk, as Isobel is responsible for the ward protecting the location. To save her and most of the inhabitants of the Inn, you will need to side with Isobel, thus triggering the battle against Marcus and his minions.

How To Save Isobel

Marcus’ main goal is to take Isobel to Ketheric Thorm, and you will need to be careful during this fight. This is because the fight can end quickly if Isobel’s HP falls to zero. While she will not be killed, it will let Marcus grab her and flee. The only way to save Isobel in this situation is to defeat Marcus before he can bring Isobel’s health to zero. To see how the fight plays out, check out the video above by Shark R.

The best strategy to use here is to surround Isobel with your party and protect her. If you have a tank like Karlach in Baldur’s Gate 3, they should be between Isobel and the enemies around her. You will want to keep Isobel safe for as long as possible and defeat Marcus and his ghouls as quickly as possible. You should first attack Marcus with all of your party’s offensive moves and then move on other enemies.

If Marcus is killed, but Isobel’s HP is reduced to zero before the fight ends, a random ghoul will still take Isobel away, thus triggering the end of the Last Light Inn.

Once you’ve defeated the Flaming Gist, start attacking the other Ghouls and other enemies that are attacking Last Light Inn’s residents. At this point, it is best if you split up the party, sending a duo to deal with the ghouls that are outside of Isobel’s room. At least two other characters should stay to protect Isobel. You can proceed away from Isobel if all the other nearby ghouls are killed.

Suppose you have Shadowheart in your party or are a Cleric. In that case, you will primarily benefit from using the Spirit Guardians spell during the fight, mainly because most of it occurs in a small and crowded room.

Why You Should Save Isobel

Isobel and Dame Aylin the Nightsong are reunited in Baldur's Gate 3

Although not necessary, saving Isobel is the best course of action if you want to partake in the various Act 2 side quests. Seeing Isobel kidnapped by the Fist Marcus or his minions will shut down or negatively impact several possible secondary missions. This includes and is not limited to Karlach’s quest, Shadowheart’s quest, saving the refugee Tieflings, and removing the Shadow-Curse from the region.

Overall, you will benefit more from saving Isobel at the Last Light Inn than letting her get kidnapped. The battle against Marcus can be a tough one if you go in ill-prepared or spread out your party too much – perhaps under the idea that Isobel can protect herself – but if you gather and keep her safe, you can avoid more tragedies and continue progress through the other side quests in Act 2 on Baldur’s Gate 3.

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