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Two ingredients: Food grade hydrogen peroxide (H202) and deionized, purified water (H2O), with zero additives or stabilizers.
12 percent liquid solution is 4x more concentrated than standard household hydrogen proxide. Dilute to make 4 gallons of standard hydrogen peroxide. Put in a spray bottle for some applications.
Proudly made in Ohio, USA to the highest quality standards. Vent cap ensure safety and purity.
A pristine surface cleaner in kitchens and bathrooms, ensuring sparkling cleanliness. Use as a powerful laundry whitener, providing radiant and crisp whites, or as a potent stain remover on fabrics and upholstery.
Personal uses include treatment, tooth whitening and mouth freshening, or as a hair lightener for striking highlights. Other uses include vigorous plant oxygenation and food freshness preservation

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