The long-awaited Yuri!!! On Ice feature film has officially been cancelled by studio MAPPA after leaving fans with no update for years.

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  • Yuri!!! On Ice
    ‘s massive success led to numerous awards and record-breaking physical sales in Japan.
  • A sequel film for the series, focused on Viktor, was canceled due to undisclosed production issues.
  • The official announcement of the film’s cancelation left fans heartbroken after months of waiting for updates.



One of the most popular original anime from the 2010s, and one of the biggest Boys’ Love series ever created, Yuri!!! On Ice was a monumental success when it originally aired in 2016, winning three awards at the Tokyo Anime Award Festival, seven awards at the Crunchyroll Anime Awards, and a Japan Character Award. When the series was being physically released in Japan, each Blu-ray managed to top Oricon sales charts, and the series’ finale is infamous for having caused Crunchyroll servers to crash on the day it was released.

Of course, following the original 12-episode series’ success, MAPPA quickly announced a feature-length film to continue the series’ story, and provide more context for one of the anime’s beloved protagonists, Viktor Nikiforov.

Yuri on Ice the Movie: Ice Adolescence official key visual depicting Viktor walking alone in a snowy landscape.

Sadly, the official Yuri!!! On Ice PR account on X made the heartbreaking announcement that the film’s production has been canceled due to a series of undisclosed production issues.

The Film’s Cancelation Comes as a Heartbreaking Shock For Fans

Yuri!!! On Ice is produced by studio MAPPA

A screenshot from the Yuri!!! On Ice anime series of Yuri and Viktor standing in front of a gate holding hands.

The heartbreaking announcement was posted to Yuri!!! On Ice’s official X (formerly Twitter) account after months with no official update on the film’s official release, aside from the film being mysteriously removed from MAPPA’s roadmap for upcoming projects months prior to the announcement.

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Yuri on Ice

Jessie James Grelle , Jerry Jewell , Evgeni Plushenko , Micah Solusod

Release Date
October 6, 2016


Sayo Yamamoto , Mitsuro Kubo

Sayo Yamamoto , Jun Shishido

Sayo Yamamoto , Mitsuro Kubo

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