Price: $10.98
(as of Mar 09, 2024 18:28:07 UTC – Details)

High Hardness: These handicraft pliers are durable and not easily worn out. High hardness, sturdy, and not easily deformed. Easy to clean and maintain, reusable, and has a long service life. Compact design, easy to carry and store.
Efficient and Easy: The handle of this multifunctional DIY pliers is smooth, and the opening of the pliers is moderate, making it easy to operate. The pliers have a reasonable structure, which is labor-saving and easy to use.
Widely Use: This pair of pliers can be used for daily item maintenance, car repair, component disassembly, handicraft making, leather handbag production, jewelries DIY, clothing accessories, pendants, bracelets, necklace, keychains, phone chains, backpack hanging ornaments, earrings, etc.
DIY Tools: These pliers are designed specifically for different types of material and accessories, and the jaws have practical and different functional designs. This pair of pliers help efficiently complete the DIY production of handicraft.
Multifunctional Pliers: These pliers can twine iron wires, disassemble iron rings, clamp accessories, straighten the iron wire, cut the metal wire, break it into a circular shape or desired angle and shape, and loosen parts, etc. The cutting is flat and smooth, the winding is fast, and it is easy to fix and clamp.

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