The 1983 hit from Bonnie Tyler saw an expected surge during the cosmic event, which won’t occur for another 20 years

Every now and then, Jimmy Fallon gets a little bit lonely, and every now and then, he gets a little bit tired of listening to the sound of his tears — so this year’s solar eclipse was actually a great way for him to have a communal, shared experience. While the streets of New York were filling with people hoping to catch a glimpse of the rare cosmic event, Fallon was on the NBC rooftop performing Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart” with The Tonight Show musical guests Heart.

With a full backing band, Fallon belted out the 1983 classic with Nancy Wilson and Ann Wilson, who weren’t wearing any protective eye glasses to glance at the eclipse. The glasses were apparently only minimally effective for the host, who took the instructive “turn around, bright eyes” to heart. Removing his eyewear at the end of the song, Fallon revealed comically glowing eyes.

During their official musical guest appearance on the late-night show, Heart performed a more biting record. Indoors this time, the duo delivered their single “Barracuda,” which appeared on their third studio album Little Queen in 1977. They were on the show to promote their upcoming Royal Flush tour, making stops throughout North America this spring.


The run marks Heart’s first time on tour since 2019 when they reunited following a three-year hiatus. “I am incredibly proud of the show that our band has crafted and am looking forward to reconnecting with our fans. We can’t wait to share our music with everyone and celebrate the big electric energy of a completely live on the spot rock show,” Nancy shared earlier this year.

Everything seems to have aligned perfectly: the sun with the moon, Ann with Nancy, and Fallon with a late-night television bit he won’t be able to recreate until the next eclipse comes around in 20 years.

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