• Look out for Jodie Comer’s new movie, The Bikeriders, set to release in June 2024 with a star-studded cast.
  • The Bikeriders has already received positive reviews and could be a summer hit, with Comer playing a different role compared to Killing Eve.
  • Despite a shift in character from Villanelle, Comer’s performance in The Bikeriders showcases her range in the crime genre.



With Killing Eve in the past, Jodie Comer’s upcoming movie could be the perfect follow-up to begin the next stage of her career. In the two years since Killing Eve’s controversial ending, Comer hasn’t had any major releases, with both of her 2023 films premiering at festivals and neither having a wide release to the public. Killing Eve is the project that launched her into stardom, prompting roles in high-profile films like Free Guy, The Last Duel, and Star Wars: Episode IX.

On Killing Eve, Jodie Comer magnificently played Villanelle, who simultaneously managed to be one of the most hateable female TV villains ever and one of the most entertaining. Her tenure on the show lasted four seasons, though season 4 was met with poor reviews, with the finale having a dreadful 3.4/10. Television shows can be quickly written off culturally when they have inadequate endings, meaning the next few years of Jodie Comer’s career will be pivotal in seeing if she’s a lasting star. One upcoming movie is possibly the most vital to her success, and it looks promising.

The Bikeriders Sees Jodie Comer Star In Another Organized Crime Story, 2 Years After Killing Eve’s Ending

The Bikeriders Could Be A Surprise Summer 2024 Hit, Seeing Comer Star With Austin Butler & Tom Hardy

Jodie Comer’s upcoming movie, The Bikeriders, is set to be released in theaters on June 21. She’ll co-star alongside Austin Butler, Tom Hardy, Norman Reedus, and more in a crime thriller about a motorcycle bike gang. It initially premiered at the Telluride Film Festival to a primarily positive reception, praising the charismatic ensemble cast. Given Austin Butler’s recent popularity with Dune: Part Two and Tom Hardy’s reverence among film fans, The Bikeriders is the perfect follow-up for Killing Eve.

Killing Eve
is streaming on Netflix.

The Bikeriders and Killing Eve have vastly different settings, but they’re both narratives about organized crime, which could work to the actresses’ advantage. Consistently putting in powerful performances within the bounds of a single genre has been the foundation for many of the cinema’s most talented stars. Comer is obviously capable of more than just crime movies and shows, but continuing to play great characters in a popular genre is the perfect way for her to move forward. She played the best Killing Eve character, proving she could do anything in the crime genre.

Jodie Comer’s The Bikeriders Character Sounds Nothing Like Killing Eve’s Villanelle (Which Is Exciting)

Jodie Comer’s Character In The Bikeriders Will Be Far More Tame Than Villanelle

Villanelle (Jodie Comer) with streaks of paint at her eyes looks upset in Killing Eve

Jodie Comer’s role will be reduced in the film, compared to her starring performance in Killing Eve, but she could still be integral to its success. The trailers indicate that her character, Kathy, will be a rational, supportive, romantic partner to Austin Butler’s character, whose descent into violence seems to be the film’s main focus point. While her performance likely won’t be as celebrated, it’s a fantastic opportunity for the Killing Eve star to demonstrate her range in a film that’s oriented around its stars’ charisma.

Killing Eve

Killing Eve is a black comedy thriller series starring Sandra Oh as British intelligence officer Eve Polastri who is assigned to track and capture a dangerous assassin named Villanelle, played by Jodie Comer. Bored with her life, Eve finds herself hired by an undercover MI6 division tasked with tracking down Villanelle – who, after just a brief time studying and following her, she becomes obsessed with her. However, the obsession becomes mutual as soon the two enter a game of cat and mouse that deviates them from their missions as they venture to learn more about one another.

Adrian Scarborough , Sandra Oh , Nina Sosanya , Edward Bluemel , Kirby Howell-Baptiste , Danny Sapani , Fiona Shaw , Kim Bodnia , Harriet Walter , Steve Pemberton , Sean Delaney , Henry Lloyd-Hughes , David Haig , jodie comer , turlough convery , Raj Bajaj , Gemma Whelan , Camille Cottin , Darren Boyd Owen McDonnell

Release Date
April 8, 2018


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