The K3 Fashion Portfolio is pleased to announce key personnel adjustments within the K3 Pebblestone team. These changes are strategically designed to enhance our position in the dynamic fashion and apparel SMB market. We welcome Edwin Regters as Solution Architect and Coert van Vliet as Fashion Solution Manager for K3 Pebblestone. Additionally, Hans Krebbekx joins us as EMEA Partner Manager, reinforcing our commitment to global partnerships.

Edwin Regters, in his role as Solution Architect, will spearhead the technical aspects of K3 Pebblestone. His expertise will ensure our roadmap aligns seamlessly with the evolving needs of fashion and apparel brands. Coert van Vliet will assume the role of Pebblestone Solution Manager. Coert has been exclusively active in the fashion industry since 1998 and with more than eight years cumulative experience working on the commercial side of K3 Pebblestone, he will collaborate closely with Edwin to ensure commercial and technical connectivity.

Meanwhile, Hans Krebbekx assumes the critical responsibility of supporting Roderick Madna, Partner Director for EMEA. Having previously worked for K3 Retail Solutions, Hans will leverage his exposure to the fashion and retail industry to foster and nurture our global partner network across Europe, maintaining strong relationships with both existing and prospective partners.

K3 Fashion Portfolio announces strategic personnel changes to bolster SMB presence.
Edwin Regters, Coert van Vliet, and Hans Krebbekx take pivotal roles in K3 Pebblestone, aligning with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to tap into the $93 billion SMB market.
Focusing on innovation and expanding global partnerships in fashion, they aim to seize growth opportunities.

The strategic realignment of K3 Pebblestone reflects our unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence. As the only Global Fashion Independent Software Vendor with fully embedded code in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, K3 Pebblestone stands uniquely positioned to deliver exceptional value to fashion and apparel businesses. 

The convergence of K3 and Microsoft’s vision marks an exciting phase. Together, we are doubling down on tapping into the SMB market – a realm of immense potential. Recent reports indicate a total addressable market worth $93 billion, comprising approximately 152 million SMBs. This represents what we aptly term a “golden opportunity.” Notably, 70% of these SMBs plan to increase IT spending in the near future.

Speaking on the recent news, Edwin Regters said:

“I’m delighted to lead the K3 Pebblestone product team! Having worked on multiple iterations of the solution for well over a decade, I look forward to bringing my long-standing experience to the forefront of this great platform. Our roadmap is full of innovation and market acceleration delivering for our current and future customers a platform to help them transform their business processes today and in the future.” 

Adding on to that, Coert van Vliet said:

“I can honestly say that we’re entering an exciting chapter in our story. The opportunity we have with Microsoft to crack this huge market is like no other. Our refocused mission of revolutionizing the fashion ERP industry puts us in a great position to help SMB brands overcome their biggest obstacles to scaling. I firmly believe that by bridging technology and fashion, we see boundless opportunities for our customers’ technology demands. This is exactly where we want to be in the K3 Fashion Portfolio.”

Meanwhile, Roderick Madna added:

“In the crucible of collaboration, we forge the future of fashion technology with impact and purpose. With Hans at the helm, cultivating our global network with unwavering dedication, our strides towards excellence are deliberate and resolute. Together, we wield innovation as a force, reshaping industry paradigms with dedicated resolve.”

Our reshuffled K3 Pebblestone and global partner teams will play pivotal roles in shaping the solution’s development and ensuring its seamless rollout across the Fashion Portfolio’s extensive network of Microsoft Dynamics users.

Note: The content of this press release has not been edited by Fibre2Fashion staff.

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