The ongoing feud between Drake and what appears to be every one of his peers in the rap world continues and now Kanye West, Drake’s longtime adversary, has entered the chat. On Saturday, only hours after Drake dropped his AI-assisted Kendrick Lamar diss “Taylor Made Freestyle,” Kanye made an appearance on Justin Laboy’s radio show The Download and premiered his remix to “Like That,” the Kendrick-assisted Future and Metro Boomin single that’s set off an industry-wide war where Drizzy is in everyone’s crosshairs. Ye also had some shots for J. Cole, presumably because the”Big Three” in his and Drake’s “First Person Shooter” omitted Yeezy. To promote the remix, Kanye shared an X-rated meme that boiled down to saying fans of J. Cole don’t have very much luck with women.

On the track, Ye takes aim at Drake’s label deals, countering the jabs Drake took at Kendrick over his label contracts. Kanye raps, “It’s a wrap for niggas/Where’s Lucian, serve your master, nigga/You caught a little bag for your masters didn’t ya/Lifetime deal I feel bad for niggas.” The line is possibly a reference to Drake’s massive deal with UMG signed in 2022. Later on in the song, Ye also takes aim at J. Cole with the line: “Y’all so out of sight, out of mind/I can’t even think of a Drake line/Play J. Cole, get the pussy dry.”

Kanye’s remix arrives as Drake makes continued overtures towards Kendrick — arguably the nucleus of this entire attack against him — in order to get him to drop a response to his response track “Push Ups,” which leaked last weekend and was officially released on Friday. After uploading the track to streaming platforms, Drake took to his Instagram to continue to push Kendrick for a response, even enlisting AI-generated vocals of West Coast hip-hop greats Tupac and Snoop Dogg for a freestyle entitled “Taylor Made,” where Drake alleges that the delay in response from Kendrick was due to Taylor Swift releasing her new album The Tortured Poets Department.


Kanye and Drake have famously had animosity towards each other for years, going back to a dispute over a beat in 2018, and culminating in Pusha T‘s now infamous beef with Drake, during which he exposed the existence of his son Adonis. Ye, who fell out of public favor last year after a series of antisemitic tirades, has pushed himself back into the forefront of pop culture this year, independently releasing his album Vultures, featuring the single “Carnival,” which reached Number One on the charts earlier this year. Ye posted a picture of himself in the studio with Metro Boomin suggesting a new alliance in the ongoing battle between a generation’s worth of rap greats.

Kanye’s remix, as of now, has yet to hit streaming platforms and there are murmurs online of a version also featuring Pusha T. All of which suggests rap’s ongoing civil war won’t be concluding any time soon.

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