The actress released her debut single back in January, and a new album is expected this year

A brief encounter turns into a fantastical love story in the music video for Kate Hudson’s debut single, “Talk About Love.” 

Directed by Kimberly Stuckwisch, the video pairs Hudson’s performance of the song with a tale that begins with two strangers bumping into each other on the street — a moment that manages to stop time. After that, Hudson and this mystery man go their separate ways, though their lives can’t help but intersect again at various moments. 

“‘Talk About Love’ explores the ‘what ifs’ we experience during fleeting moments of a chance encounter,” Stuckwisch said in a statement. “Thematically, the video revolves around finding joy and love right in front of you rather than constantly chasing after it. It was important to Kate and me that the video remain true to the lyrics by visually representing the powerful message of living in the moment and savoring the present, a timely reminder in today’s fast-paced world.”

Hudson released “Talk About Love” back in January, co-writing the track with her fiancé, musician Danny Fujikawa, and celebrated singer-songwriter Linda Perry. Though obviously best known for her acting, Hudson has been working on music for several years now, revealing she had an album in the works on The Tonight Show back in 2022. (That album is set to arrive this year, though neither a title nor release date have been revealed.) 


Upon releasing “Talk About Love,” Hudson said music’s always been a part of her life, but described it as “like the shadow self. Those things you don’t see but are always with you and a part of you.”

She added: “I have always had a room for my piano ever since I began living on my own. I’ve been caught up writing and witnessing life in songs since I was a child. But it always comes down to the moment, and the ability to make sure you can be there for the music. Finally, for me, that time is now.”

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