Tuesday, July 2, 2024

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As New Orleans, a vivacious city continues to draw visitors globally, local
businesses in hospitality are more and more turning to digital marketing to seize
the attention of potential visitors. The owner of Rhino Web Studios, Brett
Thomas, in New Orleans, Louisiana, offers insights into effectual strategies related
to digital marketing that can help businesses related to hospitality reach target
audience and engage with them.
One of the most vital characteristics of digital marketing for businesses in
hospitality is local SEO, as per Thomas. Optimizing for local search guarantees
that when tourists are looking for places to dine or to stay, or just explore New
Orleans, these businesses are featured in a prominent way, says Thomas. This
comprises optimizing websites with related keywords that goes with New
Orleans, generating more location-specific content, and confirming that business
listings on Google My Business are complete and precise.
Additionally, leveraging social media platforms to display their exclusive
experiences that New Orleans has to offer. Social media lets businesses to
connect with their probable visitors on a personal level, sharing events, culture
and everyday moments that make New Orleans truly distinct, Thomas clarifies. By
frequently posting content that’s engaging, businesses can easily create a loyal
following and churn out enthusiasm regarding the city.

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