saw poor things on hotstar. A very imaginative black comedy of a scientist who brings back a dead body back to life using an infants brain…

it is alternatively weird and brilliant…the imagination is very good and Emma stone is sure of an Oscar..Ruffalo and dafoe also very good specially the former is a hoot..lot of graphic nudity though..worth a watch just because it is very original content and nothing you have seen before compares to it. But not a movie everyone will necessarily like.


I think Animal is a very intriguing movie. I completely agree it has some excesses and over indulgent scenes but at the core it is quite riveting. I can probably list down the scenes which were like WTF but it is equally engrossing in same measure. There is some element of God Father, some element of some other english movies etc but it is a very original piece of work as Vanga probably adapts it quite well..

Some of scenes are outstanding like the party scene, the final scene betwee the two,the scene between rashmika and Ranbir after his infidelity, the scene where he goes to punjab and even the naked walk was in some way understandable for that character. Equaly there are very overindulgent scenes like some of the ealry sex talk and alpha stuff, some underwear talk, Rashmika stripping down and even the action scene leading to interval is not very well thought of with his cousins singing in background while he gets injured etc. But whichever you view the movie bad or good, it is something one cant ignore. Its not like other hits of the year which may not be remembered but this one i feel will be discussed whether rightly or wrongly. There is no doubt that Ranbir was very good in an author backed role, but Rashmika i thought was very good in holding her own in some very important scenes
Overall its hard to know what Vanga meant to convey. One can say he intended to deliberately shock the audience with this audacious attempt or maybe he just lost it going overboard in those scenes. Either ways i think Vanga is an important director and i will surely be checking what he does next. Also on thing i will say is that such kind of movies dont happen even in Telugu cinema so this is not a case like Salaar where a director is pushing his south style here. The film making is very polished here and the messaging traverses the fine line of being genius or being completely crazy. One will view the movie depending how you perceive this line to be and i dont think any opinion is wrong on this movie.
I will rewatch this again atleast the parts i loved and thats a good 2 hours of the movie.

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