• Love Is Blind should consider a spin-off for single parents like Jessica to bring more diversity and relatability to the show.
  • Season 6 showcased deep conversations, diverse cast, and intense drama, but some connections ended in heartbreak and disappointment.
  • A spin-off for single parents in their late 30s or 40s could attract a broader audience and boost the show’s viewership and revenue.



Love Is Blind should introduce a new spin-off for single parents, allowing contestants like Jessica Vestal to participate in the show without any hesitation. Love Is Blind season 6 has gained immense popularity for featuring a diverse cast, deep and interesting conversations, and intense arguments. Matthew Duliba was portrayed as one of the season’s villains for being dishonest with his two connections, Amber Desiree “AD” and Amber Grant. He hurt both women by telling them the same things, causing Amber to quit the show. Eventually, Matthew also walked out after admitting to AD that he couldn’t commit to her.

After Matthew, AD connected with Clay Gravesande, who was overly concerned with physical appearance. AD helped Clay resolve his concerns, and Clay eventually fell in love with AD’s personality. A few days later, the couple got engaged, and they had great chemistry when they met for the first time. Kenneth Gorham and Brittany Mills also had a great start to their love story. They seemed like a promising couple in the pods, but things took a turn for the worse after they began living together in Charlotte, North Carolina. Due to intimacy issues, Kenneth and Brittany called off their engagement.


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Season 6’s Jessica Vestal Has A Child

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Jessica was also involved in a love triangle. She had developed a strong connection with Jimmy Presnell, who also had feelings for Chelsea Blackwell. During Jimmy and Jessica’s conversations in the pods, she disclosed that she had a daughter, Autumn, whom she had when she was 17. Jessica now co-parents Autumn with her ex-boyfriend.

Jimmy had strong feelings for Jessica. However, he wasn’t ready to become a stepfather, so he proposed to Chelsea instead.

After spending all her time in the pods with Jimmy, Jessica was devastated when he chose Chelsea instead of her.

There Should Be A Love Is Blind Spin-off With Single Parents

Montage of Love Is Blind Season 6 Contestant Jessica Vestal
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Jessica is the first contestant on Love Is Blind who has a child. Right from the start, Jessica doubted finding someone on the show who would accept her and her daughter. Unfortunately, Jimmy ignored his connection with Jessica because he couldn’t picture himself becoming a parental figure. It’s frustrating to see a beautiful woman like Jessica not finding love on the show just because she’s a mom.

After witnessing Jessica’s story, it’s evident that the franchise needs to make a show that caters to single dads and moms. One single parent would definitely be able to relate to the other.

How A Love Is Blind Spin-off Could Benefit The Franchise

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After the tremendous success of Love Is Blind season 6, producers should be eager to make a new spin-off to popularize the franchise further. Currently, the show only features contestants in their late 20s and early 30s, making it relatable only to viewers within that age range. Introducing a spin-off for single parents in their late 30s or early 40s could attract a wider audience and significantly boost the show’s viewership, earning it more respect and trust. Ultimately, the new spin-off could help generate more revenue for the Love Is Blind franchise.

Love Is Blind

season 6, episodes 10-11 drop on Wednesday, February 28, at 12 a.m. PT on Netflix.

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Love Is Blind

Fifteen men and women from the same city come together to compete in Love is Blind, a reality dating show created for Netflix. The show sees couples meet and fall in love with a twist – they’ll only meet face to face if one of the two accepts a marriage proposal. If they accept, they’ll move in with their partner, meet their families, and ultimately decide if they want to say “I do.”

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