Malaika Arora Reveals Traits Arhaan Inherited From Arbaaz Khan, Adds 'They're Not Very Attractive..'

Arhaan Khan recently made his debut podcast as he launched the show, Dumb Biryani along with his two friends, Dev Raiyani and Arush Verma, on their YouTube channel. In the first episode, Arbaaz Khan and Sohail Khan made a stunning appearance and revealed some of their life’s most humourous and unknown anecdotes. Following this, another episode was launched featuring the mothers of the Arhaan and Dev, respectively, Malaika Arora and Sarjita Raiyani, who again indulged in some of the stunning revelations.

Malaika Arora talks about the trait her son, Arhaan Khan inherited from his father, Arbaaz Khan

In one of the segments of the second episode of Arhaan Khan’s podcast, Dumb Biryani, Malaika was asked by her son in the show, to discuss both the positive and negative qualities he inherited from his father. To this, Malaika mentioned that her son inherited mannerisms from his father and actor, Arbaaz Khan. Revealing how Arhaan even scratches his ear just like Arbaaz, Malaika revealed:

“Your mannerisms are just like him. It’s shocking how similar you are. Even the way you (scratch your ear) do all of these things.”

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Further, Arhaan mentioned pointing towards the ear-scratching action he was doing at that time, “Just because I did that.” But Malaika quickly added that not only that, but Arhaan follows quite a number of traits of his daddy, Arbaaz. Explaining the same, the doting mommy mentioned that all those are not attractive at all. However, since these are fair and adjustable, they are balanced out by the good ones as well. She stated:

“No, it’s a fact. The twitch, it’s just like that. All your mannerisms are just like your dad, everything. They’re not very attractive mannerisms, but they’re just like your dad. You’re very, which your dad has the same trait. These are very fair and adjustable, which is that he never goes overboard about things, he is very clear about certain things, and that trait you have. But at the same time, you can also be extremely indecisive, just like him, which is my least favorite. You can’t decide the colour of your shirt. You can’t decide what you want to eat. You can’t decide what time you should wake up; it’s just like that.”

Malaika mentions that Arhaan follows a routine only because of her

Listening to his mother’s claims, Arhaan mentioned that although Malaika mentioned he is indecisive about doing things at certain times, he, in reality, has a good routine. Well, from their conversation, it seemed that Arhaan and Malaika are just like every mother-son duo, who keep subtly arguing about each other’s principles concerning lifestyle patterns. Thus, adding to Arhaan, Malaika said:

“You do, of course, because you get that from me.”

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Malaika Arora’s beau, Arjun Kapoor gave a shout-out to Arhaan Khan’s podcast

When the teaser of Arhaan’s podcast’s first episode, featuring Arbaaz Khan and Sohail Khan as the guests, was posted, it got immense love from many eminent celebrities. Amongst them, Malaika’s boyfriend, Arjun Kapoor also dropped a hearty wish for her son’s newest venture. Arjun took his IG stories and heaped praises on Arhaan for his new beginnings. The actor also re-shared the teaser of the podcast, and penned an enthusiastic comment, which could be read as:

“Madness!!! This is definitely going to be a blast… My kinda biryani. Can’t wait to see it…”


What do you think about Malaika’s revelations regarding her son, Arhaan? Let us know!

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